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    Part 1 of the Penguins Fly Series

    on self-publishing versus small press traditional publishing 

    by: Stevie McCoy
    Guest Author: Dee Ann Waite

    Writers are out there submitting queries like mad penguins – dressed to impress and waddling for a chance to fly – but for today’s writer, Dee Ann Waite, (Author of “The Consequential Element”) she had the contract in hand from a traditional press and still decided self-publishing was the best bet for her.
    When I asked why she turned down her traditional small press contract she said, “Control: With the traditional route I would have had to give up the rights to my book, both hard copy and ebook format, for a minimum of two years.” Certainly a big thing to give up when signing a contract and it’s good to evaluate all avenues before signing anything. Some small presses end up going belly-up if they don’t have enough revenue to stay in the game. Most small presses are ran by literary enthusiasts who just love and want to support the arts. Publishing houses can’t run on love alone and sometimes they end up closing before the release of their signed titles, meaning signing a two-year contract can entail that you have to wait that long before submitting your work to another press for consideration, even
    if they close their operations.
    Traditional publishing also means Dee Ann Waite would have, “only [received] 35% royalties, and [she would’ve] had to do upwards of 60% of the marketing to get the word out.” That is another difference between the traditional and self-publishing route. How much effort will the publishing house be placing into your marketing campaign and is that worth the decrease in royalties? Dee Ann said, (Continue reading on the new blog Heavensfiction)
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    Stevie is an editor currently interning with Girl Friday Productions. She has her bachelors in English and a certificate in editing. When she isn’t reading, writing, or editing she is sewing up a dress and dancing the night away with some salsa, bachata, foxtrot, swing and waltz.

    Learn more about Dee Ann Waite on Twitter: @DeeAnnWaite1 ,, or

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