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Challenge #6

Everyone thank this Weeks Tuesday Tales Judge : 


This weeks judge is an Artist, Author, Horse Lover. Passionate about writing and reading. Lives in the State of Confusion. Beware of Sanity. It bites.

She is an avid reviewer on http://www.bookcountry.com

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This week is a very special week because our judge has decided to give away a prize to the winner :


Winner will receive a beta reader review of the first chapter (up to 5k words)

Please DM @rebeccablain to claim your prize

Per the words of the judgemaster… A twist of events as such is quite shocking for Tuesdaytales:

 The winner is the following… wait… winners? The humble judge cries foul. There was no way to pick either one of these two over the other. I declare a tie, kind of cringe a little, deep inside, because I know it’ll be two critiques instead of one. But, both of these stories are excellent, and well worth the reward to both of the authors.


@caramichaels @MyMercurialMuse




*** Winner Story 1 *** 

Now seemed a good time to make peace with God.
“You’ve got to be kidding me!” I shouted, mentally confessing at warp nine. And here I was, tied to a grinning bastard who called himself an instructor.
I’d already paid for this exercise in madness, so I doubted he cared. My trepidation about jumping from a perfectly good airplane increased exponentially, entering territory even the national debt couldn’t touch as he edged us closer to the point of no return.
“This is insane! You realize that, right?”
He jumped, dragging me with him.
“Forgive me Father, for I have siiiiiinnnnnnnnned!”

Judgemasters Notes: This story crosses so many lines I don’t know where to start. It nails at politics. It taps at religion. It is chock full of character and humor. The writing is easy to read and the author doesn’t take the subject too heavily. Cara didn’t even need to use trepidation — she showed it in the character, in the jump, and in her character’s actions. Sure the word was there, but it was a solidification of a concept that was shown throughout.

*** Winner Story 2 *** 

Dorothy watched Emerald City shrinking beneath her as she ascended higher into the atmosphere.
“I wonder if I can trust that wizard” she thought to herself, “he never even asked for coordinates.”
It was then she noticed a bizarre wooshing sound. Full of trepidation, she turned to see a fleet of flying monkeys approaching rapidly.
“What the . . .”
“Expected to escape so easily?” Cackled a sinister voice.
“I wish I’d brought a bucket of water” muttered Dorothy as the monkey army deflated her balloon.
“See my pretty, in her unidentified falling object” snorted the Wicked Witch of the South-East.
Judgemaster Notes— I loved this short story. It was amusing, concise, and well-written. There was the perfect balance of show versus tell, as well as a good use of the word trepidation. The humor was spot on (at least for my twisted personality) and it had all of the necessary elements of a story; character, plot, conflict and resolution. 

Each winner is entitled to claim their Winner Badge and also to the prize of a beta review and critique

The Tuesdaytalian Minions will go forth and spread forth the Winner’s glory!


Their trepidation was palatable as they gazed over the precipice. It was a new frontier, unlike any other. The entire venture seemed like madness. Yet, there they sat, pioneers in a new world, where the notion of changing the fundamentals of reality was not a perversion of the natural order. It was like being the Wright brothers on their first flight, or the first cosmonauts in space.
The view of this new world was spectacular. It was a place beyond human imagination – apart and above. When they returned, the world would be forever changed. The unknowable was known. And real.

Judgemaster Notes: I am a sucker for prose. Especially good prose. This is one of the few, rare examples of where a character can exist, be nameless — we know s/he is there, but at the same time, they are not. It is a fine balance, and TheaIsis tread on it just in the right way to get the point across behind a subtle, omnipresent POV.

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