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The Necklace

I always thought the farmers were just being prudish closing the corn maze at dusk, before the spectrum light fades into the distance. How much more fun would it be flashlight in hand racing to find all the markers before the guys did? Dressed up in black jeans, a black sweater and carrying an emergency umbrella hanging from my belt I was ready to take on the maze by storm.

The guys howl like wolves and rustle the corn stalks on the other side.

A cold chill rolls down my spine like someone or something is watching me.

Playing tricks I assumed until…

I entered a clearing within the corn maze revealing some sort of Castle of Transylvania tower. I was pretty sure from the outside of the corn maze that there wasn’t a tower in the middle of it but either my eyes were deceiving me then or they are tricking me now.

 Stone upon moss covered stone stack high and leaning as if it were hovering above me, watching and waiting.

Now I’m not one to just go waltzing into a creepy castle cast in cobwebs because I refuse to be the one in the movie that says, “I’ll be back…” and then never returns with all their limbs intact.

“Woah!” A guys voice said behind me.

“Taylor!” I called back still a little freaked out.

“I had no idea they had a haunted house back in the maze. Sweet!” He ran slightly past me and then offered his hand to me. He planned on dragging me into the castle with him and of course I let him. His firm hand took mine and squeezed reassuringly.

Those over-the-moon-golden-firework-eyes were too much for me to resist. Taylor never spent the time to get to know me before and tonight might be that chance I’ve been waiting for. Someone like me with my nose in a romance novel and freckles spread across my nose and cheeks. I don’t have tan skin just white with blue veins, I don’t have vibrant blue eyes just hazel grey, and I don’t have rich blonde hair just average brown.

But here he was holding my hand and dragging me to who knows where, but that castle looks like hell to me. My blood was pumping, my cheeks flushed, and I prayed the next step wouldn’t be sweaty palms.

That was asking for too much. I could feel my fingers become sticky in his grasp.

Taylor tries to open the door. It’s locked.

“It’s closed we should go back to the maze.” I smiled and shrugged trying to act cool about the situation but honestly I was just relieved we don’t have to go in there.

“No way, there has to be an open window somewhere.” He backed away looking at the tower to see if there was a window in reach. Or even some sturdy vines to climb up.

I put my hand on the door latch, “It’s a lost cause –  ” I paused as the door creaked open at the touch of my hand. Bad idea. I should’ve just backed away with him but instead I ended up giving him the ‘In’ he needed, no window necessary.

“Great!” Taylor went through the door brushing away a spider web on his way in.

I stepped inside tentatively closing my eyes just in case something jumped out at me. It is a haunted tower after all. I opened my eyes again; Taylor was gone.

He disappeared into the tower, in a room with the rope, in the kitchen with a candle stick, or in the billiard room with a knife I wouldn’t know I was closing my eyes.

“Taylor?” My voice echoes off of the decrepit walls.

“I’ve been waiting for you.” A whisper comes from somewhere beyond the staircase.

“Taylor! This isn’t funny!” I turned around in the room making sure he couldn’t decide to sneak up on me. Because I know if he did I’d jump three feet in the air and I wouldn’t live it down until graduation. I unstrapped my umbrella from my belt and held it out like a bat ready to swing.

Silence made my nerves even more sensitive. The slight breeze from the open door. The faint odor of rotting wood. The squeaking of the nails when pressure is on them. It’s all too creepy my feet were frozen in place. I was up for fun in a dark corn maze but haunted towers were out of the question.

I heard something from behind me.

I swung my umbrella around as I pivoted.

“WOah!” Taylor grabbed the umbrella in his hand before it reached his face.

“Oh, sorry.” I looked away embarrassed.

“I found this necklace in the other room.” He smiled deviously and pulled it from his pocket.

“You should put that back.” My nerves were getting the best of me again.

“It’s probably only worth like a buck, it’s a Halloween attraction is all.” Taylor looped the necklace over his head.

I felt something cold pass through me then. My eyes were burning hot and my throat ached.

I could hear his pulse beating in front of me and I could see his vein bulge from his neck with each beat.

I was hungry.

“Welcome home sweet Gabriel.” A voice whispers in my mind.

He never should’ve put on that necklace.

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