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Honorable Mentions:

·         @MAKozlowski (2nd entry) – Lovely, sad, intimate, and more poignant for knowing this moment of quiet grieving won’t last. I love the character’s yearning versus the intimation that he’s involved somehow in her death. Well done as usual, Michael.

 ·         @_Rosie_Lane  – Preternatural as a band turned out to be my favorite use of the word. I also laughed over the Environmental Health Dept coolly cracking down on code violations at a Vamp club. Never mess with the inspectors. Very fun read.

·         @AndreaWalpole – The way the character responds to the blood, the way she lets it drown out the clinical misery she’s in, makes the punch of the last line so great. Love that there is an observer recording her responses. Great story.




aspiring writer, IT worker, musician (Irish fiddle, Irish accordion)

What a fantastic story! I even wrote “FANTASTIC” in nice big letters as I was doing my first read-through and making notes so I couldn’t forget. I love the calm, unquestioning devotion of the character even as it becomes obvious he/she is about to do something truly terrible. The back and forth between piety and building the violent climax made for an exceptional read.

I don’t claim to understand the science; that is not my role. But I have faith in Heaven above and in the Apostles within our church. I am a soldier. What’s the old adage? ‘Ours is not to question why…’?

When a child exhibits preternatural abilities, healing in this instance, it is the deceit of the Accuser of the Brethren.

“In the name of the Father,”

Safety off.

“And of the Son,”

Bolt back.

“And of the Holy Ghost,”

Bolt forward.


Squeeze the trigger.

200 meters down range, her tiny face erupts. Washed in blood, God’s mercy is delivered.

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