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Challenge #44

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I am happy to have this week’s Tuesdaytales Judgemasters take over: 

Rebekah Postupak


Writer, teacher, executive assistant, and believer that coffee is a moral imperative.

JUDGE’S COMMENTS: Thanks to everyone for participating in the 44th Tuesday Tales. We had a heckuva lot of crashing disco balls this week—I’d no idea just how precarious those things are! But in almost every story, you all hurled them groundward with such panache that I had quite the time picking a winner out of the shattered pieces. Great work, all, and thank you so much for the privilege of judging this week.




Jeffery Hollar

Poet, father, husband and Klingon/Ferengi hybrid mix. Voracious reader (been at it for 45 years) and writer of paranormal satire.


Ohhh, this tragic story grabbed me with its anguished Sleeping Beauty whose curse cannot be broken by a simple kiss. So sad, so lovely. And so very beautifully written..

Sparkling Princess Dreams:

As a young girl, Bridget dreamed she was a princess. Evil forces sought to kill all the royalty, so she’d been hidden away amongst the peasants.

By age 23, she was a sad, dissolute woman of no consequence. Days were spent serving greasy diner fare. Nights were characterized by cheap drinks and frenzied dancing at a disco that refused to die.

The night the glittering ball broke free and hammered her to the dance floor provided Bridget her long-awaited rescue. Freed from her peasant existence by the resulting coma, she’d never need to leave her wondrous magical kingdom ever again.

100 words



1) Michela Walters @MichelaWalters. I loved how you transformed the dancing girls into queen bees. The story is well-woven and well-told, as orderly and elegant as a proper beehive. If a little less well-behaved.


2) Burntcore @MLGammella. Extra points to this drunken tale for being the only one daring not to take the disco ball literally! And for allowing us to see this poor regent comically disabused of his wishful thinking.


 3) Wakefield Mahon, @WakefieldMahon. The original Sirens had nothing compared to this celebrated but perilous voice. I really love this story, especially that heartbreaking moment of acknowledgement of the singer’s former greatness. Makes me feel like digging out my own old disco CDs (hypothetically speaking), for Taryn’s sake.


Everyone spread the word of the HMS: @WakefieldMahon , @MLGammella@MichelaWalters , the winner JEFFERY HOLLAR @klingorengi and @postupak REBEKAH for the awesome judgemastery!

I would also like to invite our winner  JEFFERY to be a judge for Tuesdaytales on June 26th, please let me know if your available 🙂

Remember next Tuesdaytales is judged by @sammyjwebb  See you next week!




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