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Challenge #49

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I am happy to have this week’s Tuesdaytales Judgemasters take over: 


Robin Abess

Writer, nature lover, singer, GEEK, eccentric, NaNoWriMo Nut…you name it!
She loves being in a roomful of people who are singing along to ‘Dr. Horrible’!


” Love this! It made me laugh and grin each time I read it! Congrats to all the winners, and to everyone who entered, as all the writing was fantastic! Thanks for letting me judge!


J M Filipowicz

Author of Wardroids, an ebook coming in 2013 from Double Dragon Publishing.

When she’s not writing she’s showering her children with love and snacks (mainly snacks)



Canoodling in the Tulips
by J M Filipowicz

Darling I love canoodling in the tulips
The sunshine is warm and the ground’s not too hard
Dewy and moist and caressed by your two lips
Canoodling in tulips in the neighbour’s yard.

They’ll never catch us hidden in the tulips
Canoodling gently without making a peep
They might catch a glimpse of your hips or my hips
And they’ll think through the weeds a creature does creep

Exhausted then canoodling in the tulips
We’ll fall fast asleep ‘cause the ground isn’t hard
Awake in the night we’ll crawl through the tulips
And climb the fence naked into our backyard

100 words


@Rowanwolf66 – A nice, sweetly romantic tale. Well done!
@KelseyPotter13 – I like the creepy feel to this one quite a lot.
Everyone spread the word of the HMS: @KelseyPotter13 ,  @Rowanwolf66 the winner @superhappyjen and @Angelique_Rider for the awesome judgemastery!

I would also like to invite our winner  Jen to be a judge for Tuesdaytales on July 30th, please let me know if your available

Remember next #Tuesdaytales is judged by @Afsaneh_Dreams. See you next week!


On Thursday Terry Persun@tpersun 7/19/12 “Marketing Tips for New Authors”


Last but not least, This Thursday I’m starting another blog called Heaven’s Fiction in which one of my paranormal romance stories will be blogged from beginning to end in easily digestible flash fiction sized chunks to be updated Thursdays and Fridays

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