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I write romance novels: the hotter, the better. 😉 Hooked on football, bad boys, muscle cars & action movies.

Lost in my imagination ·

Twitter: Amelia James@TrashyWriter

So what inspired you when writing your short story collection of erotic romance? Lustful fantasies? Great dreams?
I was daydreaming (while I was supposed to be working) about my favorite fantasy guy. I wanted someone different, but I didn’t want to give up my favorite, so I decided to have them both.
How long did it take you to write your book from idea, writing, to revision?
I wrote the first story in 2010 while I was finishing up my second novel, Secret Storm. The last story was written a month ago during revision. Has it really been two years? I didn’t plan on making a book out of them, but after I finished my novel, I decided to put them together. Her Twisted Pleasures will be released on 8/15/2012.
Do you have any funny or frustrating stories about your writing journey while creating this book?
We adopted a baby girl in summer 2010, so I put my writing on hold while I adjusted to life with no sleep. I decided to write a short story collection because I couldn’t handle the thought of writing an entire novel. I tricked my brain into thinking I got something done every time I finished a story. It worked. Her Twisted Pleasures reads like an erotic novel with each story/chapter told from a different character’s point of view.
Did you design your book cover yourself or was that done by your publisher? If done by the publisher did you have any creative input?
My cover was created by Mallory Rock, one of Evolved Publishing’s talented cover artists. I chose the photo and she made it into an amazing, sexy cover.
Do you plot or are you a pantser, just letting the wild moments take you away?
I do both. I plot certain details so I have a general idea where I’m going, but I don’t know how I’m going to get there.
What is your favorite type of lingerie to write about? Or perhaps just for yourself?
Lace panties rip nicely.
If you could choose any actor to play your hero in an erotic romance film adaptation who would it be?
It would be the man who inspired Alex, Christian Kane (Lindsey McDonald in Angel). He plays dirty bad boys soooo well.
He most certainly does, I couldn’t have chosen a better lead man myself.
So your upcoming book, coming out this August, follows Talia through her bedroom escapades, tell us about a bit about this character.
Talia is easily bored. She likes variety—in and out of bed—and she’s always looking for something new and different. She tried to be dominant but discovered she likes being submissive. The sub has the real power because she can say no at any time.
Does she have an adorable quirk that keeps the guys wanting more?
Hahaha…she can’t say no. Her guys love that. 😉
Wow, makes me wonder what they’d be asking of her, for sure. So let’s check out a little excerpt!


Excerpt:  “His hand came off my neck, and he wrapped his arms around me, crushing me against him. I grabbed his hair and forced his mouth to mine, feeding the darkness possessing us…. Submission, yes! Not giving up control but having it taken from me. This… this was why I needed Alex. Will was too nice; he would never abuse me like this. But Alex…mmm…Alex had no such qualms. “What have you done to me?”

Talia indulges her sexual pleasures, turning her life into a twisted mess. Sleeping with Alex is dangerous and reckless. She craves that excitement. Loving Will is comforting and safe. She needs that stability. Why can’t she get everything she wants from one man?

Will has everything under control. Watching his girlfriend flirt with his best friend fuels his lust for her. He loves Talia; he trusts Alex. It’s all good as long as he makes the rules.

Alex doesn’t give a damn about rules. He knows how to play with fire without getting burned. It’s just sex with Talia. No emotions means no attachments. That’s one rule he won’t break.

Sometimes dirty little secrets are more dirty than secret….

Amelia James
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