NaNo ToGO Special

How to Make the Most of Nano

NaNoWriMo is underway and low and behold the first hurdle of making the BIG 50 is looming before us.

First day of NaNo going strong and beyond! Or maybe you didn’t even pluck your keyboard like a battered lover yet.

Second day of NaNo you’re still hyped and ready.



BAM now you need 6666 words Friday!

Its the 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, and

WHAM November 10th the goal is 16,666 words… and you may not even be half way there!

Or maybe your just awesome sauce and have surpassed the goal.

I am currently only at 7850 words… that is less than half the current goal…

Now I know what you’re thinking, WOW, you are way behind why aren’t you crying in a corner of self loathing?

Because my friends, the half way party is what it’s all about… I’ve known people that have less words than me totally jump and make 10000 words in 1 day of writing. It happens and I plan on making that awesome victory my own.

Question hovering over us all like a shadow lurking in the dark unknown of our brains:

Am I ahead?

Am I behind?

Am I static?

Am I lost?

Okay so the list could go on for a very long time. But the main question you should be asking yourself is: Do I want to make it to the BIG FIVE O’ K?

If you’re reading this then the answer is YES, don’t flounder in your response, say it with me, “YES!”

If that’s the case then be honest with yourself and make the determination about which days you can and can’t write.

Calendar, I can not write on Wednesdays or Mondays, for the most part. I know that on these days I will not be able to make my word count goals. If that’s the case then why do the word count goals still stay at 1,667?

They shouldn’t so re-evaluate how many words your goal is per day and once you meet it ask yourself if you have more time on your hands. If the answer is Yes, then don’t stop just because you’ve reached your goal. UP Up and BEYOND!


Or if you’re feeling fresh out of ideas, take a stop on the Week of Flash Fiction and take a 100 words to just get those creative juices flowing again with the following prompts:

Monday: #menagemonday by @caramichaels

Tuesday: #tuesdaytales by myself @theglitterlady

Wednesday: #humpdaychallenge by @thansenwrites

Thursday: #3forthursday by @dryanleask

Friday: #fridaypictureshow by @jend_author

I used my entry for the Friday picture show with  my own Nano Characters to spice up a part of the story. Prompt: picture of ghostly man hovering over woman

I didn’t know what would happen if an Angel fell in love. Not just the encompassing love for all humans but a more selfish love for only one. I could feel his touch sending horripilation across my ethereal skin.
“I can still feel you.”
His lips moved forming the words, “I will find you.”
We were connected now whether Heaven approved or not.
Sending me away from Earth would not keep us apart for long.
“Cable…” His name rolled longingly from my tongue. I reached to touch his translucent face before he faded. Having wings was not worth this sacrifice.

100 words

All of these challenges offer prompts for a 100 word to 300 word flash fiction and you can use those to either enter your characters is a different situation or drive your creativity in a different direction. But the goal is to keep writing!

Enjoy and Goodluck on your nanochallenge!

~theglitterlady (aka the procrastinator needs to get back to writing… write more!)