First Reader!

Be an Author HERO!


So as you may not already know, I edit books!

“Yes, yes, so what?” The interweb fans groan.

WELL! You have the chance to read a book, before it even hits the web, so to speak, before it officially get’s published!

“Are you talking about yourself again?” The future first reader, author hero, responds.

No! I’m talking about you! You, my fellow bloggers and blog followers, can have a chance to read a book before it even reaches the stage of “press buy button now”.

“I heard the word “buy” in there, what are you selling?” Poor reader fans look at the mysterious buy button sadly.

It’s FREE! I’m selling nothing. All I ask is that you sign up for the below MAILCHIMP listing called “FIRST READERS” author heros anonymous. Then, occasionally when I finish editing a book, I will send out an email to the specific people under a genre preference category asking if they are interested in reading a particular book. If you respond “yes” to the email, I will send you a digital copy of the book to read. All I ask is that you read it, and review it.

Become an author hero, and be one of the first readers of a book before it’s published! Be the trend setters before a book revolution! Read it first, for FREE!

I edit mostly fiction, just specify your favorite type of fictions you like to read in the sign up. I don’t want to just give you a book to read that you won’t enjoy, that’s just asking for trouble. I only want to set you up with books that you will enjoy, and want to feel excited to step on to Amazon after reading it to say, “This book is AWESOME!” Obviously, if I gave you a book that you wouldn’t normally read, even if the book is awesome, you wouldn’t think so, because it’s not the right fit for you.

Let me hook you up with some awesome books! Sign up below.



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