#Tuesdaytales WINNERS

week 10

by popular demand tuesdaytales went with a higher word count

And we had a wonderful turn out of 21 entries of around 1000 words each! It took our judge a longer amount of time to go through them all but it’s time for the verdict. You can check out those entries HERE

Please let me know if anyone would be interested in another tuesdaytales extended edition, if so we can try and make an extended edition once a month. So 1/4 tuesdaytales would be an extended if enough people agree. Let me know!

 Now Let’s give a round of applause to this week’s judgemaster:


Ebook and print publisher of dark fiction, lover of zombie movies, vampire literature and all things Gothic.
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Honorable mention

@MAKozlowski:  Mike Kozlowski’s 100 word beginning, which was filled with character, made me laugh, then really intrigued me to read more.

 Though ancient in human terms, the demon was considered young among his peers; a novice. Hidden in the shadows of the bell tower, he rested his chin on a scaly forearm and gazed out at the village below through fiery eyes. He was pouting.

“Stupid church, stupid village, stupid people,” he whined.

Most would consider it unusual for a demon to take up residence in a church. Most would, justifiably, think it impossible, assuming that the holiness of the structure would forbid such an occurrence. This, however, was a church where, as is sometimes the case, bad things happened.



Now Drum roll!!! dum dum di dum



Jacquelyn Morgan


Just a Nobody in Nowhereland

Self-proclaimed writer, dreamer, Humanist

 There were some really great stories and it was tough to choose!  In the end I frognonymous’s story (I didn’t see a title) won me over with the 100 word beginning, the dialog and originality of the story and chilling ending.  One great package.  


Going down, Leisl. Going down down down down, into the dark, with the worms and the bugs. And when you’re dead, the worms will crawl in and out of your body, Leisl. Can’t you feel them? Burrowing beneath your skin? You’re dead, Leisl. You’re dead and the bugs are eating you. Can’t you hear them? Munching and crunching on your insides. They sound like Rice Krispies, don’t they? They’re in your eyes, Leisl. Can’t you see them? Wiggling away, munching away, burrowing and eating and soon you’ll be with us. You’ll be one of us, down in the dark.

Link to rest of story: http://frogpocalypse.wordpress.com/2011/10/12/4/


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There were 21 entries into the extended edition, craving some flashfiction awesomeness check it out HERE: