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Writer – The Consequential Element; photographer;

WELCOME DEE ANN to GLITTERWORD! Super excited to hear about your personal writing journey on your debut novel coming out in August!

How did you come up with the idea for The Consequential Element?

I began writing this fiction novel about a year ago. I happened to be scanning through world news articles online, when I came across an issue about China and rare elements and how they are potentially affecting the United States’ homeland security in a negative way. This is a real life issue, and one that not many people are even aware of, especially women. Anyway, it bothered me enough to start talking about to family and friends. Of course, once you begin talking about something like this, all minds run wild and the next thing you know our country is being taken over by the Chinese. I thought – Hey! There’s a great fiction story here! Hence, The Consequential Element. It’s based on truth with untruths woven through.

What do you plan to accomplish with this novel?

In writing The Consequential Element, I hope to enlighten people on a very real issue. I’m not a political activist, I don’t surround myself in politics, but I am interested and concerned about things that affect our country. I follow world news, and I’m somewhat up on our domestic issues. This book is not directly written about politics, and has minimal political reference. Although there are those who are trying to get me to list it as political fiction. I’m sort of balking that because I don’t think it fits that genre.

I understand you also have a blog called Getting Published for Fiction Writers . Where do you get your topics of discussion and information from:

Most of it comes from my own experiences, whatever I happen to be going through at the time. And other topics come from those around me. Sometimes a reader will bring up an issue they’re having, or an agent will discuss something that has become a bit of a trend issue. Sometimes I’ll be reading something and think, wow, my readers should know about this.

What was your inspiration behind your book cover? Did you create it yourself? If so how?

I created the book cover myself with Photoshop. My inspiration for the cover comes from within the book. Since the story is about a rare earth element found in the Congo by an American archeologist, and this element could have a significant impact on the future of the United States, and also that the military plays a role when they do the extraction of the captives from the rebel army, I designed the cover with these elements in mind.

Do you have any frustrating or funny moments while creating this book?

Frustrating? You bet. I find the whole revision process frustrating. Often I have visions that I can’t seem to convey in words just right, or I stare at a sentence, know it needs help, and find I’m at a loss as to how to fix it. This happens constantly, and I never feel my revisions are finished. I simply have to just stop, or I will go on revising forever.

How long did it take you to create? From first draft to revisions?

Due to having a day job, and an unfortunate illness that laid me out for three months, the whole process took me 1 year and 9 months.

So you’re self publishing your book in August, correct?

My thinking is this: this is my first novel, I want to learn everything there is about the ups, downs, ins, and outs of putting a book out in the world. I want to learn as much as possible about e-publishing / self-publishing. I’m sure I’m going to make many mistakes. I don’t want them to be in front of an agent and publishing house right off the bat. I want to be a little seasoned before I hit the big houses. I have two other books in the making, and ideas for two more after that, so I will have plenty to submit the traditional way, if that’s the way I choose. And besides, I’ve heard authors say their book was picked up by a publisher after they e-pubbed. If my book is good enough, that could happen to me as well. Why not, right?

Why not, indeed! I’m all for it. Plus when you have something as action packed as what I was reading the work will speak for itself.



“She’d been rescued. That’s what they said. Only she didn’t feel rescued; she felt captured.
Danielle sat in the chopper and watched as organized chaos developed around her.”

Right off the start line we know who our character is, Danielle, and she is dealing with a lot of inner turmoil. She’s survived something that has changed her life. These sentences leave the reader wondering what exactly happened to her? Great beginning and strong start!

You can read the rest of the first chapter on Dee Ann’s website.

Synopsis: Danielle was just a missionary’s daughter in Africa until her mother was murdered and she was captured. Trained, as a child, to be a soldier killing who she must when she must years later she was saved by a mercenary team put together by her only living relative Uncle Ronald Dupre, an archeologist. In Congo he discovers an element, Promethium, the missing piece to a stealth missile that ignites a full out black ops war between China and the US and Ronald was caught in the middle. Desperate, he sends his notebook and map to Danielle to hand off to the Homeland Security but of course the locations are coded and a rogue CIA agent was sent to retrieve the information from Danielle, at any cost. Kayden, a black ops agent, interferes with the rogue agent’s plans and confuses Danielle’s desires. Will she seek revenge on the men who stole her life and her mother or will she save the man she grows to love?

Coming August 2012!

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