It’s that time to gobble up some new content.

I’m looking for AUTHORS (indie or traditionally published or about to be) To be featured on my blog or to provide guest posts for my Thursday’s.

I want to have Thursday be Thursday Treats of Author goody advice or hardships and triumphs.

My goal is to create more exposure for Authors and help spread their FRESH and WORDY awesome sauce.

Are you:

1) An Author?

2) Recently published?

3) Had an interesting query moment?

4) A triumph in your publishing quest?

5) Ready to explode on a blog tour?

Ect ect


This is the blog spot for you!!!! Please visit the official (under construction) page on the Author interviews

Give me an email Stevie . Mccoy @ gmail . com or comment!

I would love to do interviews or have blogging guests! Please have the title of the email state which one you’re interested in interview or blogging guest for writing stories/advice!


Send in your awesome sauce now!