Story of my Life: A Writer’s daily quest

Stretching her arms above her head she knocks her knuckles harshly against the headboard as she listens to the alarm for the third time. Snooze buttons were the devil’s creations, they should just be called delaying the inevitable buttons. Or maybe, potentially, “I swear I slept through my alarm!” But we all know the truth, don’t we, that she wasn’t really awake when her muscle memory pressed the snooze button several times before it just decided to change from ten minute intervals to twenty minute intervals into thirty minutes. So on and so forth until the dog jumps on her face because the fluffy one had enough of her alarm clock.

I am sure the animals think deep down inside, okay maybe not so deep down, but still, “If they didn’t want to wake up until 6am why did they set their alarm for 5am?” It’s all because of the snooze button my furry friends. It’s just unfortunate, for them, that they can’t climb on top of the bureau to chew it until it’s screams die into the void. Poor alarm clock wouldn’t know what hit ‘em until it was too late.

Then the day begins of staring at a computer screen. And to her dismay it isn’t the empty word document she stares at hoping for inspiration towards her writing dreams. No, oh no! It is numbers and emails of complaints that she must sift through for work purposes.

“Job security.” She mumbles under her breath until the words can’t be contained by a mere brush of air. They explode from her vocal chords like a prayer, like a plea, like a… well exactly what it is, a cry for something other than the mundane tasks of computer technology at its finest, “JOB SECURITY!” She yells across the cubicles hoping it will help her re-focus and get back into the game.

Yes we all have it those moments where the job that pays your bills feels like a trap but then she thinks to herself, later today I will write and explore another realm of possibilities!

Her mind wanders, I must tell all of my pixelated friends of my scheme! She rushes off to twitter and posts, “#amwriting later today about angels, demons & drinking coffee! YAY!”

Then she stops and thinks again, who cares about my plans to write today?

It hits her like a flood, the people who care are the ones that know me! Or have the same aspirations!

COME ONE COME ALL WRITERS! I must find my writing pals to come write with me and share in my desire to write!

So her story continues, searching the internet waves for writing companionship.

“Oh, breaks over!” She looks at the clock on her monitor then quickly finishes her note to all the writers out there:

If you are reading this, dear writer, I would like to continue the ongoing discussion of words with you. Please comment and recommend great reads and let me know what you think of current progress on my writing journey on

Writing is just not the same with the correspondence of fellow struggling writers pursuing the same dreams. Start building your #betareaders and #amwriting friends because they are the ones that will push you to reach your goals.

Writing groups are your friends and the most valuable asset you have in your writing toolbox.

Here are some helpful sites that let your readership and your writing friends grow: (the best ever way of staying accountable to your writing goals) (recommendations, reviews, critiques of work, and author connections) (recommendations and author connections) Note to self: Beware of this site’s spamming ways, sometimes they think its fun to flood your inbox. (free blogs to connect to) (if you don’t have a twitter yet, then you’re missing a big part of social networking) (fun outlet for your writing)

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