Nominated for this award by the tall and lovely Rakel Sampson

I will dedicate a little something for the high heel ass kickin’ lady:

“Wild boar!” They screamed as the man barreled through tables and knocking over chairs.

“Stay calm,” a charming woman uncrossed her legs and then stepped forward with 6″ stiletto shoes in creamsicle orange, “I eat boars for breakfast.”

The man squinted trying to focus on the shapely gal claiming her mark in a duel.

Obviously he was outmatched and had no idea she was telling the truth or even that this lady wasn’t afraid to swim with the piranhas. That didn’t matter really because in a few long contemplative moments he wouldn’t have to imagine anymore; he would experience it for himself.

step 1: honor the nominator

step 2: 10 things about self

step 3: nominate 10 others

10 things I write about me

10) I resorted to writing fiction after I decided lying in person wasn’t worth the risk. When I was around seven I lied about moving the coffee table in the living room. Moms are tricky because they can tell when the table isn’t in the same indent in the carpet that it used to be.  Not that she really cared that I moved the table but she did care about me lying about it. My butt was never the same and I realized then the only place to lie, say and do whatever I want to would be in the pages of a book.

9) I used to eat Oreos and milk as my cereal in the morning, it’s the most delicious that 600 calories (1/3 of my daily diet) could possibly be. I pretty sure that’s why my dentist loves me… I mean I do give him lots of business.

8) My first completed acrylic painting was done in high school and I’m pretty sure every year the library is supposed to trade out the art work for new art students. But to this day it still hangs on my high school’s library wall. So that would be around 8 years now of hanging in the same spot.

7) I’m not patient enough to enjoy painting… but for some reason writing is the only thing I’ve ever been able to sit still long enough to accomplish something. Then again during the moments that I get antsy Flash fiction is always workable.

6) My favorite candy is Sour Patch Extreme. Sour… then sweet. I suppose that’s kind of like me. Stay long enough to get to know me and most people think I’m awesome sauce. Except that one person, but no one really cares about that one person’s opinion anyways.

5) I currently am going back to school for Fashion design!

4) My favorite part of fashion design is creating something. Which is also why I love writing!

3) My frequent use phrase is “That’s unfortunate” Most people are usually complaining while they talk so it’s a useful couple words that displays that I’m listening and that I sympathize but that I respect that all the person really wants to do is vent. So I don’t take the spot light away and they can continue on their rant. At this moment you too are thinking in your  mind “That’s unfortunate” as I just used up a paragraph of complaining about people complaining!

2) If I was rich I would duplicate Oprah’s closet. Who doesn’t want a room bigger than most people’s master suite to house their gigantic shoe and designer clothing collection? I most certainly would! Or perhaps like in the movie Clueless with the rotating closet!

1) I watch television and tell people that I’m studying. Obviously I mock or praise plot points and determine what I did like and what  I did not like about the story. Being a writer is awesome like that.

10 Nominees

Rebekah Postupak@postupak (no blog but an awesome writer that deserves your twitter follow)

Bethany Lopez@BethanyLopez2   http://www.bethanylopez.blogspot.com/

Rebecca Clare Smith@jocastalizzbeth  http://rebeccaclaresmith.blogspot.com

Kelley@Call_Me_Bookish  http://callmebookish.wordpress.com/

David A Ludwig@DavidALudwig  http://by.davidaludwig.com/

Amelia James@TrashyWriter  http://trashystreasures.wordpress.com/

Toni Wyatt@Toni1777  http://ToniMorrowWyatt.com

Wakefield Mahon@WakefieldMahon   http://www.wakefieldmahon.com

Meg McNulty@charitygirlblog  http://www.darcytodionysus.com

Susan Warren Utley@SusanUtley http://creativeprocrastination.wordpress.com/


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UPDATE: 07/20/12

Was also nominated for the One Lovely Blog award and in an effort to save time I will add it to this post Same nominees and same 10 things about me but NOW I have added another thank you SHouT OUT to my nominator:

Celeste Jones

Thank you for your honorable mention of my blog!


The court room was full and the jury was split 50/50. Celeste had to make a decision and fast her client depended on her. She placed her hand out while the other was fisted tight.

“Let’s settle this!” Her war cry echoed in the marble walled room.

“I will not lose!” His eyes were set and his teeth bared.

“PAPER!” Celeste started the battle with the usual bit on the third strike they would show their true weapon!

“SCISSORS!” The prosecutor called!

“SPANK!” Her hand swiftly took flight on a one way trip to slap the prosecutor’s pants.

Her victory was inevitable.