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    Tuesday Tales WINNER 65!


    Challenge #65

     By entering, every contestant agrees to shamelessly promote and praise the winner on twitter.

    A Warm WELCOME TO some NEWBies : @satiricalmonkey @SareeseFeet @RGraceAllen

    Follow them and welcome them into the #tuesdaytales fold

    For all discussions about this challenge use hash tag #TuesdayTales

    I am happy to have this week’s Tuesdaytales Judgemasters take over: 


    He writes. Sometimes, and even get paid. He runs a web site to encourage you to Keep writing, his friends!


    The writing wolf captured both the essence of things remembered and the way in which the loss of a thing once forgotten, still rips at the heart.



    A reader by birth, paper-pusher by trade and novelist by design, story-telling is my passion.

    I wanna be Elmore Leonard when I grow up. :)

    California ·

    Ruth Long

    This story evokes the themes of beauty and the beast. The tangible emotions left me with a catch in my throat.  The death of passion at it’s saddest.



    By the time they got his power under control the town was buried beneath concrete chunks. Placing her hands around his wrists, like manacles, she absorbed the remnant of power undulating beneath his skin. He quieted, worn out as a child after a tantrum, and leaned into her warmth. She waited until he was asleep to implant the interference chip that would wipe his power and memory. Her job as regulator was to protect civilians at all cost, even when it meant she’d never again taste the rough vodka kisses or hear the lilting melodies of the man she loved.

    – – – – –
    @bullishink / 100 words

    Everyone spread the word of the winner  @bullishink and honorable mention @LupusAnthropos and  @WakefieldMahon for the awesome judgemastery!

    I would also like to invite our winner @bullishink to be a judge for Tuesdaytales on November 27th, please let me know if your available and check out the judgemaster guide 🙂


    You can check out all the rest of the entries of Tuesdaytales week 65

    OR check out the archive of all the tuesdaytales to escort you to your tuesdaytales needs HERE


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