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    Tuesday Tales WINNER 64!


    Challenge #64

     By entering, every contestant agrees to shamelessly promote and praise the winner on twitter.

    For all discussions about this challenge use hash tag #TuesdayTales

    I am happy to have this week’s Tuesdaytales Judgemasters take over: 


    Ruler of #MenageMonday flashfiction challenge
    & SIX time winner of #tuesdaytales


    @hlpauff /  Shades of V for Vendetta and Equilibrium… A man silenced for his convictions. Love the final moment of knowing the son will carry on his father’s work.
    @lissajean7 Alissa / “I need something incendiary to feel real again.” Love this line, and the overall sensation of life and reality fogged by a lack of certainty and direction.



    JM Filipowicz / Persistence in the face of hopelessness. Loved your Incendiary Man, especially his closing line: “Still I feel as dry as yellowed grass and live in fear of the spark…”


    Author of Wardroids, an ebook coming in 2013 from Double Dragon Publishing.

    J M Filipowicz lives in a quiet condo on the surface of the moon.


    Incendiary Man

    The shower is the safest place for an incendiary man. Like my father, I might spontaneously combust. His ashes were taken by the autumn breeze leaving nothing for my mother to bury. She waits by the window, imagining him alive. I cannot leave her that way. Each morning I wash until my skin shrivels. At work, I keep a case of water at my desk, excusing myself every fifteen minutes to moisten my face and hands in the washroom sink. Still I feel as dry as yellowed grass and live in fear of the spark that will mean my end.

    100 words


    Everyone spread the word of the HMS, WINNER and @caramichaels for the awesome judgemastery!

    I would also like to invite our winner  @jmfilipowicz to be a judge for Tuesdaytales on November 13th,  please let me know if your available 🙂 you can view the judgemaster guide here

    You can check out all the rest of the entries of Tuesdaytales week 64 HERE

    OR check out the archive of all the tuesdaytales to escort you to your tuesdaytales needs HERE



  • J M Filipowicz 4:54 pm on October 31, 2012 | # | Reply

    Thanks so much. I’m always giddy when I win. I will absolutely judge Tuesday Tales on November 13th.

  • Incendiary Man Wins! | J.M. Filipowicz 11:27 am on November 1, 2012 | # | Reply

    […] won Tuesday Tales over at glitterword this week. This is my third win and it always gives me a thrill to be chosen. […]

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