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    Tuesday Tales WINNER 54!


    Challenge #54

     By entering, every contestant agrees to shamelessly promote and praise the winner on twitter.

    For all discussions about this challenge use hash tag #TuesdayTales

    Please also remember as a winner to contact Susan on how to have your piece included in Haunted Waters Press.

    I am happy to have this week’s Tuesdaytales Judgemasters take over: 


    Susan Warren Utley is a co-founder and editor at Haunted Waters Press, an independent publisher located in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. She is also a writer and poet. Her writing and works can be found at . Visit Haunted Waters Press here http://

    Also previously judge of Tuesdaytales 8, Tuesdaytales 21, &Tuesdaytales 40



    Once again, I am honored to be invited back to judge another exciting round of Tuesday Tales. I don’t know if it was the lazy days of summer or the mad rush to the start of the school year, but many of our usual suspects did not come out to play today. One would think this would make my task of selecting a winner far less daunting. Thankfully, no such luck.  It was another week of well crafted tales from a very talented group of authors.  This week’s winning entry was also our first entry of the day. Laura Huntley’s (@LauraHuntley) Just Like Her Mother is a flash fiction masterpiece not only dark and dreadful, but downright creepy. Congratulations Laura. With your permission, Haunted Waters Press would like to feature your story in the Fall 2012 issue of From the Depths.
    Writer of short stories, flash fiction & haiku. Mummy of 3. Maker of pretty things. Gazer of the stars & daydreamer.

    Just Like Her Mother

    By Laura Huntley @LauraHuntley

    I weep that she isn’t pretty like she used to be. I can’t see her as it’s dark and dank in the crypt, but I can feel her. She clutches me to her frilly pinafore, her pigtail tickles my forehead, but her arms are no longer the chubby soft flesh of a little girl, she’s just bones. I had tried to plead with her, I begged her to swap souls right at the end, but she just sobbed and placed her dainty hands over her ears, she thought that by hearing me speak to her, the madness had taken over her sad little life.

    Poor little mite, she was just like her mother, haunted, pained, multiple personalities all screaming at her inside her head. Her mother had committed suicide; the voices got too loud and urged her to do the most terrible things. Little Amber Rose started then; the whispering, taunting, laughing voices started scratching at her mind.

    She never believed that I could help her, of course, her porcelain doll with ringlets and a dead white face and eyes that clinked shut, she thought that I was another one of the voices, here to destroy her. That made me sad, I only ever said nice things to her, I told her that she was a good little girl and that she should try and ignore the nasty words. But, just like her mother, the volume increased, and they told her to kill the dog, that it was a naughty little dog, and she did. Her father wept, a small part of him grieved for the unfortunate, bloody mutt, but he mostly felt the loss of a sweet little daughter who was, as he had secretly suspected, just like her mother. He had to end this family curse.



    My first Honorable Mention for “Best Use of the Word Crypt” goes to Rebekah Postupak aka @postupak. The following paragraph was unexpected and beautifully written:

    “We laid him in the family crypt, the nurses and me. They came out of duty, I know, but they knew all the right things to do, how to wrap Jesse up with the right chemicals, that sort of thing. They didn’t say a word except sorry, just crept in, did their work, and crept out again, soft heels swishing in the dark.”

    My second Honorable Mention for “Best Use of a Crypt” goes to Toni Wyatt aka @Toni1777. Brain transplant surgery in a crypt. Who would have thought?
    Thank you again. You all have mad flash fiction skills! Keep writing.


    Everyone spread the word of the winner @LauraHuntley , HMs @postupak , @Toni1777 and @SusanUtley for the awesome judgemastery!

    See you all next week!


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