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    By: Stevie McCoy

    Inspired by flash fiction challenges

    How exciting, I won #THURSTHREADS! for week 30

    Thank you to HOST Siobhan Muir@SiobhanMuir    & JUDGE Charles W Jones@ChuckWesJ

    Charles says:”I love the vivid imagery of the landscape and the way I was drawn into the story.”

    Welcome to Hell

    “Tell me I’m not giving my life away for nothing.” Jayden paused looking up into Micha’s red-lined pupils solemnly. This wasn’t her idea of perfect vacation but she didn’t have much of a choice in the matter.

    “I’ll tell you whatever you wish to hear.” Micha took her hand in his. Petting her hand with a soft thumb he proceeded to smile in opposition to his stone set face.

    “Tell me, please.” Her insistence, she could tell, grated on Micha’s patience; his hand twitched trying to hold back the irritation from boiling over. Jayden was thankful, for a moment, at having her angelic powers bottled up; it meant she couldn’t feel his deep seeded anger and pain piercing at her human flesh.

    “Your life isn’t ending only changing.” He led her further into what seemed like an endless desert.
    “How long will I stay here?”

    “Don’t be daft Jayden, this is your new home,” Jayden looked around at the red dirt and the steaming cracks creeping up the rocky walls, “This is the outskirts obviously we won’t be staying here; I plan on giving you the royal treatment.”

    Jayden swallowed feeling the scratch in her throat from the dry air. It made her nervous the more being down here became and felt more real. This wasn’t a dream and the “royal treatment” probably didn’t mean massages and fluffy bunnies.

    “Welcome to Hell, my sweet bird.”

    235 words



    “You’re on fire!” The volant words rummaged through my mind tingling my eardrums. The fragrance filled my nose with high notes of a delicate 100 year old egg. Soon it would linger into the scent of heated leather after a long day of the hammer’s friction making it pliable for creation.

    After all that was my intent.

    To create.

    The screams mellowed as the flames dried out the siren’s throat. The crowd gathered and stared. Most were still caught in the trance of a maiden in dance; frozen and unmoving. I couldn’t blame them for their delayed reactions, it was beautiful.

    Her ending notes now excreted from her seared flesh intoxicating all who smelled the flowers of Anthemusa. I smiled as the humans continued to stare. Sirens are my favorite pets. They do absolutely nothing and it entrances everyone around them to do the same.

    Sloth is a deliciously dangerous game.

    151 words



    “You don’t need to fight over me.” The words whispered in my ears and echoed through my mind. I turned around with the speed of a lethargic snail. Everything seemed slow motion as I felt his fingers clutching beneath my rib cage sending shots of pain through my system.

    “Get out of my head!” I screamed as loud as I could but only silent air rattled within my voice box.

    “Don’t fight it anymore.” His voice tried to sooth but nothing he could say would make his desire to control me any less repulsive.

    He wanted Mel as much as I did but only I knew what he actually wanted with her.

    I struggled to prevent my fist from knocking at her door. I couldn’t let him have her.

    “Brother, I’m bored and tired of indulging you’re illusions of being anything less than what you are.” He wasn’t my brother. The idea sent waves of bursting blood vessels inside my head. He couldn’t be. I wouldn’t allow it to be true.

    “I’m not…”

    “A demon,” He finished my sentence then continued, “It’s time to stop borrowing my body. I don’t like this side of me anymore.”

    My fist knocked on Mel’s door. He was taking over.

    “Good bye brother.” I smiled feeling my power returning.

    The door opened and then Mel wrapped her arms around me. I held her close knowing I would never let my bird fly away again.

    “I was so worried. Is your brother really dead?” She sniffled into my shoulder.

    No, my bird, I would never leave you like that.

    “Shh, everything is just as it’s supposed to be.” The smell of sulfur filled my nose and it was only a matter of time before I could take her back with me.

    I would have my prize.

    I’ve always wanted an angel in my collection.

    309 words



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