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    Tuesday Tales WINNER 48!


    Challenge #48

     By entering, every contestant agrees to shamelessly promote and praise the winner on twitter.

    For all discussions about this challenge use hash tag #TuesdayTales

    I am happy to have this week’s Tuesdaytales Judgemasters take over: 


    Ruler of #MenageMonday flashfiction challenge
    & FIVE time winner of #tuesdaytales


    “This was the easiest choice for me, which says a lot about the quality of this beautiful story of a blind bride. There is a ton of bittersweet emotion packed into these 100 words. I imagine it’s hard for sighted people to understand how a blind person perceives something without the sense of sight, so I especially loved the wistful sadness of the closing line.

    Afsaneh K


    Writer of Regency Romance, Reader of anything, Sketcher, Dreamer,

    Avid supporter of sarcasm, Constantly emotive without an excuse.


    If You Could See

    She found the wall and scanned along brick, steadying her step.
    A floral scent loomed over air. Soon, a hand was guiding her elbow.
    “Had you any problems?”
    “None,” she smiled.
    “You should’ve-”
    “It would’ve been bad luck to see me.”
    Silence followed until they halted.
    “Are you sure?”
    Her fingers traced the creases of his forehead, slowed over the sharp digs and craters of his cheeks, and rested on straight lips. No bandersnatch, just a scarred soul. “Make me your wife.”
    He pulled her close with an anguished sound. “I wish you could see how happy you make me.”

    100 words




    Siobhan Muir / @SiobhanMuir – I loved the use of the woman in the photo as the monster, and the eerie, snakelike way she seems to paralyze her victim.


    Jeff Tsuruoka / @JTsuruoka – If I’m getting this one right, the woman’s grief actually *created* the bandersnatch to carry out her revenge, and wow, that’s crazy cool.


    Mark Ethridge / @LurchMunster – HA! I loved the humorous twist of the good guy in drag to flush out a killer.





    Stacy Bennett-Hoyt / @Rowanwolf66 – I don’t do poetry, but I loved the prose-like feel to this one. Beautiful imagery.

    Sheilagh Lee / @SweetSheil – Following a ghost… accompanied by the monster from the looking glass? Great stuff.

    Ruth Long / @bullishink – Love the stream-like flow of this piece, as well as the idea of a monster wanting a decent challenge.

    Miranda Kate / @PurpleQueenNL – A bandersnatch wedding? And the bride got the date wrong? Awesome.


    Everyone spread the word of the HMS, WINNER and @caramichaels for the awesome judgemastery!

    I would also like to invite our winner  Cara Michaels to be a judge for Tuesdaytales on July 22nd, please let me know if your available 🙂

    Remember next Tuesdaytales is judged by — . See you next week!




    She writes romance novels: the hotter, the better. 😉

    Hooked on football, bad boys, muscle cars & action movies.

    Lost in her imagination ·

    Twitter: Amelia James@TrashyWriter

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