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    By: Stevie McCoy

    Inspired by the week of #flashfiction challenges

    (Speaking of flash fiction don’t forget to drop by for #55wordchallenge on Wednesday, I’ll be judging!)


    The trouble started when they threw the book in the fire; my signature in the back pages melted and blew away in the ashes.
    Contracts are so fickle; after all the fine print only prevented me from destroying the commitment, not unsuspecting teen pyros. It felt as if a weight had been lifted from my shoulders.
    All of them left except one. He watched the flames lick at the thick binding with a smile on his face. Something about the scene touched my wasted soul and made me hungry.
    “I’ll make your wish come true.” I cooed towards the boy. He turned around and just as swiftly I pressed my lips to his, consuming his screams. I could feel his soul warming my skin.
    After all wasn’t it everyone’s wish to be touched by the immortal.
    The world will learn to love trouble just as much as I do.

    149 words


    You won’t be happy to have my pen scrawl upon your pages. As I only return to confess what I said I wouldn’t do. With his arms wrapped around me the urge took over.
    I knew what I had to do.
    I thought falling was the tough part until the darkness seized my soul.

    55 words


    My chest tightened remembering the water filling my lungs while I watched his face ripple above the surface. He didn’t hold me under; didn’t have to anymore.

    “You’ll thank me, one day.” His words rang in my head like echoes off the mountain walls. The air was thin but I’ve been trained to survive.

    If only he had taken his own advice, “Are you feeling alright father?” I smiled watching as his arm gave one last twitch.

    “That didn’t take long.”

    It was then that something more painful and sharp clamped around my heart. I was changing. I was changed. The smell of sulfur filled my nostrils and bones from my shoulder blades twisted and burst from my flesh.

    I had wings. I traced my fingers on them; blood dripped on the ground.

    Stripped of their feathers they were useless but something about them made me excited.

    “Thank you, father.”

    150 words


    Honorable Mention ” Love the supernatural take on this one.  I was curious about just what or who the narrator is and where their world is. ” – @Angelique_Rider

    The mind is a powerful tool; as he gazed into my eyes he saw exactly what I wanted him to see. I brushed my hand across the thin air that to him was tall lilacs swaying in the wind. The smell wafted into his nostrils enhancing the experience.

    “Hello.” He called to me.

    I blushed and turned my face away. Standing up I ran away further into the abyss behind the mirror. I was a girl that wanted to be chased and he obliged.

    Dragging him deeper into my world; I smiled.

    It’s been a long time.

    I was hungry.

    100 words



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