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    I am an Author. I currently have two books published on Kindle. The Misadventures of Red Bear and The Four Protocols. I have two more on the way.

    TWITTER: Paul Day@jediallday Books on Amazon


    I see you’ve done mostly children’s stories and poetry on Kindle.
    What made you decide to go with self-publishing instead of traditional?
    I got rejected a few times through traditional publishing and it seems to be getting harder to be noticed as an author. Initially I did not like eBooks or the concept of electronic publishing in general, but I was challenged by some of my online author friends and I gave it a go. I’ve had mixed success and have sold a small number of titles. It appears electronic publishing is the way of the futureand writers cannot escape this reality. It’s been a bit of a learning curve for me, but I like the fact you are not restricted in what you write and this gives you a certain freedom and autonomy with your work that you simply would not get otherwise.
    The Misadventures of Red Bear (Story Book Series).
    What was your favorite story to write and why?
    The Misadventures of Red Bear was and still is my favorite story as it speaks to our self-doubt and low esteem and is a story that everyone from small children to adults will identify with.
    I love Red Bear. He is the Forrest Gump of the Bear world and although he is insecure, lonely and lacks intellect and ability, he nevertheless manages to do some extraordinary things, charming other characters on his journey and ultimately overcoming the odds and showing just how brave and loving he really is.
    What inspires you to write your poetry? A place, a person..?
    I am inspired by people, their failures, their successes, their nature, their insecurities and the darker thoughts we all have that lead us either to overcome, or succumb. I have written over a thousand poems in the last few years and whilst many of them have the same charm and wonder of life and nature, many also reveal the darker secrets of the human mind.
    Do you have any rejection stories that turned into the fuel needed to succeed?
    Yes, I was rejected by a major Sci-Fi magazine for my short story The Four Protocols. I believe that even though it mirrors to some extent what other greater authors have written, it is nonetheless unique in its simplicity as it tells the story of a robot, who is given a simple command by his owners and fails to properly interpret that command, with some horrifying consequences for all.Do you self-promote or do you have a publicist?
    I was heavily self-promoting my work through blogs, Facebook, Twitter, you name it. But I was having very little to no success and decided to concentrate on simply writing and putting my work on Kindle and hoping people read and appreciate it for what it is. I also had a talk show on BlogTalkRadio, but again I wasn’t reaping the benefits for all my many hours of hard work.
    If you self-promote then what has been the most successful form of promotion for your books?
    The most successful form of self-promotion is, as it has always been, through family and friends. That’s not to say other avenues have no merit, it really comes down to maximum benefit from maximum effort. After listening to other self-authors, they generally concur. The simple fact is that until you are recognized in main stream, there is so much now available online that you are like a small voice in a massive void. I haven’t given up, mind you, I’ve merely changed tact.
    When do you find your time to write? Do you write every day?
    I write all the time. I write something every day, whether it be a poem inspired by my mood and events around me, or my novels that I keep struggling on with. Writing for me isn’t so much a passion, though it is certainly that, it’s a lifestyle I can neither avoid, or escape, even when nobody is reading it.
    What is the secret recipe to an engaging children’s story?
    Understanding the mind of a child and what motivates them and makes them afraid, happy, engaged and identifying their struggles as they try to deal with life in all its confusion and complexity. As a school teacher myself, this places me in a unique position, because I have much experience dealing with children and young adults and I put this into my stories. I also base much of what I write on my own life, as that is what I know best.
    Do you have a favorite author?
    I have many. Mem Fox inspired me when I was in University. I also love Peter Rabbit and the stories of Beatrix Potter. I used to read often to my children when they were little. My favorite children’s author without doubt is Doctor Seuss. His command of rhyme and his lyrical style make him one of the greatest children’s authors of all time. I try sometimes to emulate his style in my work. My favorite adult author at the moment is Isaac Asimov, but I love the worlds of Russell Kirkpatrick, Arthur C Clarkeand many others.
    What made you decide to write for children?
    Writing for children is an easy decision. They are so full of wonder and the world is fresh and exciting and new for them and I love recapturing that wonder in what I write. I look at my own stories and I see that wonder expressed through the eyes of someone I confess has never grown up. Much like Peter Pan, I sometimes struggle to accept my role as an adult and writing for children gives me a great release as I explore the world through the mind and eyes of a child.
    Any advice for other self-published authors out there?
    Yes, stick with it. If you truly believe in your work and desire others to read it, just do it. There is nothing to be gained by writing merely for yourself. Everyone has a story to tell, you just need to hone your skills in narrative and keep working at it to make your stories come alive. Perseverance, persistence and energy are what are required to write. Write often and read your work out loud to yourself and others because only then can the inconsistencies, flaws and style be properly honed.
    SOooo there you have it folks,
    was there a question that you’d like to ask Paul or any other author that I don’t cover in my interviews? If so let me know so that I can have a post dedicated to your question and having several different authors answer it in their own way!
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  • Sharon 4:38 pm on June 7, 2012 | # | Reply

    loved your red bear seriesthey were awesome

  • Dee Ann Waite 9:41 pm on June 7, 2012 | # | Reply

    Great answers Paul! Loved the interview. Red Bear is adorable.

  • Paul Gerard Day 1:18 am on June 8, 2012 | # | Reply

    Thanks guys for the response and thanks to Stevie McCoy for giving me this opportunity.

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