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    Death Becomes You

    Flash fiction by: Stevie McCoy

    “You know that today is important to me, Chelsea.” I unzipped my purse to arm myself with a stick of rogue lipstick. Chelsea had carelessly forgotten to reapply before pictures were supposed to be taken. I had the camera all set up and picked out the perfect dress for her. It was yellow with a pleasant sunflower print and if I tried I could smell the sweet pollen in the air.

    “You do want to look nice for Nick, don’t you?” I smiled and generously smeared the pigment on her rosy lips.

    “You’re crazy!” Came Nick’s muffled cry. It was just like him to interrupt a touching moment of female bonding.

    “Shhh.” I winked at him and then pressed my finger to the handkerchief. Sliding the delicate cloth up his chin it again positioned itself back between his teeth.

    “It won’t be long now. You’ll be remembered this way forever. After all tonight will be the last day this camera will be able to capture your essence.”

    I’ve always wanted a brother and sister.

    Maybe this time I won’t have to kill them.

    I sank my teeth into Chelsea’s wrist and drank deeply. The soft murmur of her squeals tickled my senses.

    Death becomes you, my friend.

    Don’t worry, Nick, I didn’t forget about you.


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  • David A Ludwig 6:21 am on June 11, 2012 | # | Reply

    You do twisted and dark characters so well. I’m sort of fascinated by them anyway, the balance of innocence in not thinking what they’re doing is wrong, and horror with just how wrong it actually is–but you write them particularly well.

    This is a vampire story I want to read more of. I love the attention to detail of getting a picture before they can no longer be captured on film.

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