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    inspired by the #fridaypictureshow by @JenD_Author

    He Looked Better

    Flashfiction  ~ Stevie McCoy

    The smell of campfire still clung to my skin like a thick film. It used to carry such fond memories like melted marshmallows and chocolate. Now all it reminded me of was last night and how I wished I had drunk the tequila I tossed in the kitchen. Then I could say this was all just someone’s twisted idea of a joke.

    I looked over to my right and he smiled at me, “Stranger things have happened.”

    He looked better as a frog.

    I just prayed I didn’t have to marry every man that popped from a bit of smoke.

    100 words



    I’ve been pretty busy lately with school, work, and such. But happy I was able to make some time to participate in this week’s #fridaypictureshow, I miss doing this flashfiction things and will be trying to make more of an effort towards participating in more of them.

    Don’t forget that next week’s #tuesdaytales is judged by @SusanUtley and is an opportunity to be #epub by @Haunted_Waters Press for the Summer Issue so drop on by on Tuesday and enter your tale, I have also increased the word limit to up to 300 words for some more fun! enjoy and spread the word!


    Much love!




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