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    Tuesday Tales WINNER 29!


    Challenge #29

     By entering, every contestant agrees to shamelessly promote and praise the winner on twitter.

    For all discussions about this challenge use hash tag #TuesdayTales

    I am happy to have this week’s Tuesdaytales Judgemasters take over:  



    Dream on, but don’t expect them all to come true.



    Juan Pablo Hurtado

    Ja. Yes. Hai. Filmmaker of sorts. Disque cineasta. 
    He writes things that you may or may not see one day in your screen.
    He also reads, watches, games and eats.
    Also winner of Tuesdaytales #7

    Victory to Juan Pablo Hurtado (@righteousgeek) for painting a very convincing image and then shattering it with the darker story hidden behind. Bonus points seal the deal for him for a cleverly hidden double entendre using French. I bought into the aerial fire fight completely, and the arrival of the panzers which shatters the illusion reminds us that such boyish flights of fancy (ahem) are based on terrible realities. All that in 100 words? Bravo, Juan! Well done!!



    The Canard Rouillé soars through the skies, its dragon of a cannon ripping smoky holes in wing, hull and tail.


    Casualties mount.

    Its engine purrs contentedly; no bird up in these clear blue stretches can match its brio and celerity.

    Twin spurts from an unseen assailant threaten its underbelly, but miss.

    It performs a barrel roll, throttles down and comes up behind the would-be attacker, ready to…

     Screams pierce the sunny morning, followed by the rumble of treads on gravel and drumfire.

    The illusion shatters. The boy forgets the Rusty Duck and runs inside.

     The Panzerwaffe arrives.


    100 words, @righteousgeek 


     Honorable Mention goes to David A Ludwig (@DavidALudwig) for using every single definition, and making me believe it, too. I was intentionally difficult in picking a word with such disparate definitions, and he made do in grand style. Well done, David!
    David’s Tale:
    She needed a pocket of calm to retreat from the turbulence of the Saturday market. Selena pressed her ears to her head and breathed deeply.“You’re not buying that canard, are you?” Amelia’s voice pierced Selena’s bubble, bringing more peace than Selena had made for herself. “Which one?” Selena smiled bitterly at her friend, hefting a raw duck in one hand and wooden airplane in the other. “I promised Dearna I’d get her something special, and we need to eat.”Shaking her head, Amelia placed a hand on Selena’s elbow, “I meant the newspaper review. You sang beautifully last night.”

    100 words

     Everyone spread the word of  @righteousgeek & @DavidALudwig and @JonathonVolkmer for his awesome judgemastery!

    I would also like to invite our winner Juan Pablo Hurtado  to be a judge for next Tuesdaytales on February 28th , please let me know if your available 🙂


    You can check out all the rest of the entries of Tuesdaytales week 29 HERE

    OR check out the archive of all the tuesdaytales to escort you to your tuesdaytales needs HERE



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