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    It was an awesome suprise this morning to be named Winner of the Humpdaychallenge (the last win of the year 2011).

    Also we have the following honorable mentions :

    Best writers reality: Three way tie between @ChuckwesJ @Lenore_Diane and @poseurs_dc
    Most realistic new years eve: @zombiemechanics
    Let’s get ‘focused’: @redshirt6

    I am Rob Wells:

    I regretted not being more like my best friend Rob. He was sociable, funny, and a babe magnet. Going out for booze was a short adventure ending with leaving me, the wing man, picking up the tab and illuminating my own way home. I was tired of lurking in his shadow.
    It was my new year’s resolution that I would be Rob; I’m Rob but better.
    “Rob.” I turned and so did my best friend towards the scantily clad woman.
    She smiled at me and took my hand.
    The transformation was complete.
    No more regrets.
    I’ve taken over my life now.
    I am Rob Wells.

    Comments from the lovely @Tracey_Hansen – So single white female…errr male!  Now let’s tweet and facebook and smoke signal our congrats to all of our winners.  I will see you and your amazing talents next week for another round of #HumpDayChallenge. 

    Don’t miss out on next weeks #humpdaychallenge over at Tracey’s Tavern

    You can view the winner post here:

    And maybe while your at it check out my first win on week 18


    The rest of my humpdaychallenge entries are posted HERE




  • Cara Michaels 11:18 pm on December 29, 2011 | # | Reply

    Very cool story, Stevie! Loved the way it ended. Congrats on the win. 😀

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