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    It is the Tuesday Tales WINNER!

    Challenge #16

    The winner will be bestowed with the AWESOME BLOG BADGE! To be displayed with pride and honor on their blog, twitter pics or what not. Where ever the winner feels their awesome sauce should get the most praise, worship and of course minions. 

     By entering, every contestant agrees to shamelessly promote and praise the winner on twitter.

    For all discussions about this challenge use hash tag #TuesdayTales

    This Weeks Tuesday Tales Judge is: 


    Maureen Hovermale

    She’s a writer and reviewer of books equipped with a cool bookmark and unafraid to use a lapdesk while sipping a drink…She lives on the edge.
    Preface by the judgemaster:   I must state, before continuing on to the results, that this was a very close race indeed.  I’m not mouthing banal words of inanity here; it was difficult to decide. It came down to seven entries that were all within a hairbreadth of one another.

    Honorable Mentions:

    Best Use of the Secret Word
    @solimond The story that sends shivers down the arms and tingles the fingertips waiting for what happens next. This author should continue to pursue this career path without question or doubt in their skill.

    Honorable Mention:
    The pace builds adeptly; the feelings of worry and then the need to rush due to the desperate circumstances involved is very well-expressed. These characters are genuinely portrayed and evoke emotion from the reader.

    Honorable Mention
    @caramichaels An exceptional example of the storytelling arts. Were we still in the quill and ink age and this author was starving, this would be worth the feast of a king. The story is rich, deep, and enchants the reader for more.

    Honorable Mention
    @antonioangelo21 The scene is set and the battle begins. The reader is taken upon a delightful tale of a student’s description of what they did this past summer. A talented entry and one that shows the skill of the author to be worthy of this career path they’ve chosen.



    Contemporary YA Author of Ta Ta for Now!
    Just finished second novella in series.
    Wife, mother, Airman, supporter of fellow writers

    per the judgemaster:

    @BethanyLopez2  This story takes you into a world that is full of scent, sound, and texture. The reader is transported into this scene seeing it unfold word for word. A descriptive treat that, in all rights, should be continued and published.

    The morning light broke across the horizon, awaking all of the woodland creatures.
    Rabbits peeked out of the burrows, checking for danger before venturing in search of food.
    The squirrels danced from tree to tree, reveling in the freedom of the chase.
    The chipmunks worked together to find objects to whelve over the opening of the log housing their nest and forage.
    The fairies twittered and twinkled as they awoke to celebrate a brand new day.
    All around her the forest awoke: green and moist in the haze of dawn. The sprite came out of her sleepy fog, stretching her limbs, and yawning delicately. Her eyes fluttered open languidly, revealing a green that rivaled the leaves in which she slept. Her twig like hair looked like a pin cushion atop her head, with drops of dew forming at its tips.
    She surveyed the scene around her, as she shook the remnants of foliage from her tiny form. Today was the day she was going to set out on her own. She was leaving the deep woods in search of a nice glen, where she could settle down and start her family. She gathered her belongings and headed south.
    198 words

    @BethanyLopez2 GO fetch your badge of awesomeness at the top while tuesdaytalians speak of your writerly prowess far and wide!

    You can check out all the rest of the entries of Tuesdaytales week 16 HERE

    OR check out the archive of all the tuesdaytales to escort you to your tuesdaytales needs HERE


    As for A little NANO entry spice Check out this little 100 word excerpt:

    Sergeant Charlie Kirby stared at the note and wanted to kick himself. Hard. It was a distinctive style, and he recognised it from the note he’d placed into a plastic evidence bag earlier that day; the one from the writer who’d scrawled ‘Sleep now’ on a notepad next to the bed of the recently deceased Alice de Wijk.
    ‘Aww, shit,’ Charlie muttered; just as a smiling Cliff Brookfield walked back through carrying a tray filled with mugs of tea, a small vase containing a single yellow carnation and a plate overflowing with a tempting selection of foil-wrapped chocolate biscuits.

    99 words from NaNoWrMo



  • Bethany Lopez 2:01 pm on November 23, 2011 | # | Reply

    Wow! What a wonderful way to wake up! Thank you so much, I truly appreciate it!

  • Nellie 3:05 pm on November 23, 2011 | # | Reply

    Thank you for the honorable mention. 😀

    And congratulations to Bethany for the win. Congrats to Cara, JenD and Antonio, my fellow honorable mentions!

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