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    Challenge week 9 :

    November 14th 2011

    photo: playground swing witha bite out of it, phrase: “the eye of a”, prompt: include Sherlock Holmes

    Birthday Wishes

    The stories were true and it was going to catch up with it. After all my birthday wish was to be Sherlock Holmes and he always caught the bad guys. The seat of the park swing had a chunk bitten off the side and I knew the creature was hungry.

    Do I go into the eye of a canopied forest where the tracks lead? Or do I go to the picnic table to investigate more clues? What clues would be at a picnic table? I marched into the forest following the broken twigs. The tracks were fresh.

    I could hear the howl of the beastly monster.   A large reptile emerged from the forest pond. Its claws were sharp, multiple rows of razor teeth and huge filmy eyes. As it moved closer I could see the slime dripping from its scaled skin and it was then that I discovered… I didn’t want to be Sherlock any longer.

    I ran back to the picnic table and noticed a banquet.  

    Just one bite.

    My wish came true.

    I looked at my hands and flexed the webbed muscles and extended my claws. The monster had eaten from this table and now so have I…


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