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    Tuesday Tales Round 14 WINNER!


    Challenge #14

     By entering, every contestant agrees to shamelessly promote and praise the winner on twitter.

    For all discussions about this challenge use hash tag #TuesdayTales

    This Weeks Tuesday Tales Judge is: 


    Aspiring Paranormal-Suspense author. I play with ghosts and monsters, and I like it.
    You might also remember her from TUESDAYTALES WIN #8 and of course NANO WIN #13
    And host of #fridaypicture show

    Honorable Mentions:

    @superhappyjen : for the most visceral use of pain effervescing. I loved the way she wove the word into her story, making it feel seamless. It was a beautifully heartbreaking way to use the word.

    @josastalizzabeth : for the most disturbingly beautiful piece. Each section of her story leapt off the page with brutal clarity.

    @nicolewolverton for the most surprising ending. I thought I knew what was happening in the story right up until the last lines. It was a lovely little surprise.@Jocastalizbeth – another sad tale, wonderfully written



    climbingtothelight blog

    Environmental consultant/ fantasy writer/ mother of the future Emperor of the Universe, hailing from south east England.

    Rosie Lane, per the judgemaster:  I just loved this piece. It surprised me at every turn, changing my perspective on the narrator multiple times throughout the piece. And I simply adored the ending: The wrappers are gone but I am left with my belly, as soft and sagging as the rotting pumpkin underneath them. Such a palpable image! This was quite simply a great short story!

    I tip the powder into my water glass with shaking hands. It effervesces with a happy sparkle that promises forgiveness of my sins; a fresh start in one fizzy mouthful.

    The wrappers of a dozen chocolate bars surround me, as much a part of the autumn as fallen leaves and fireworks. I bend down to gather them up and hide the evidence of my shame for another year. They disappear in the dustbin, lost among coffee grounds and cardboard. The wrappers are gone but I am left with my belly, as soft and sagging as the rotting pumpkin underneath them.

    100 words

    ROSIE LANE go fetch your badge of awesomeness at the top while tuesdaytalians speak of your writerly prowess far and wide!

    You can check out all the rest of the entries of Tuesdaytales week 14 HERE

    OR check out the archive of all the tuesdaytales to escort you to your tuesdaytales needs HERE


    Way to go everyone and I would like to give a special shout out to my favorite Nano entry:

    “My maid? I am quite positive that even with the most ingenious packing there was insufficient space within my baggage for a lady’s maid. I did try. It could not be done.”

    She knew she was being ridiculous but she had no idea what was going on. And that made her very nervous. So nervous she didn’t make an attempt to rein in her sarcasm.

    She folded the contract with knife edge precision, sliding it between the pages of her notebook.

    “If you’d folded her as you did that paper, I shouldn’t think you’d have an issue at all.”


    Seems a bit devious… are they plotting murder? But even if they aren’t… still a whole lot of read between the lines with something as simple as folding a paper… Great job.



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