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    Tuesday Tales Round 11 WINNER!


    Challenge #11

     By entering, every contestant agrees to shamelessly promote and praise the winner on twitter.

    For all discussions about this challenge use hash tag #TuesdayTales

    This Weeks Tuesday Tales Judge is: 



    Weaver of words, promising poet, a little nuts and promoter of #UKWriter Say hey and read the blog!  She is also the bringer of monthly writerly blog challenges such as #dicegames #7virtues & #7sins to name just a few

    Ensorcelled Honorable Mentions:

    Favourite use of the word-  @SuperHappyJen “Death-black curls frame her cherubic face, her wide dark eyes ensorcell the world.”

    @Klingorengi – poetic and bittersweet, this made me want to hug someone!

    @MAKozlowski – a fantastic tale in such a small space.

    @Jocastalizbeth – another sad tale, wonderfully written

    @jezri1 -Lisa Mccourt Hollar – I felt the poor man’s sense of betrayal, really well written

    @DLThurston – made me chuckle, and great use of the word.



    climbingtothelight blog

    Environmental consultant/ fantasy writer/ mother of the future Emperor of the Universe, hailing from south east England.

    Rosie Lane, per the judgemaster:  I loved her story, she packed a lot into so few words, the story gave me the chills!

    The girl sits on the opposite bank and watches me through hair that curls like water weed. Her bare skin glistens with the pond water that drips onto the grass.

    “Are you a witch?” I ask. “Here to ensorcel me?”

    She tilts her head to listen to the sound and smiles at me.

    “Will you talk?”

    She smiles again, showing needle-sharp teeth made to tear and rend, and slips into the water. I should be running. Instead I lean over to look for her, a pale wraith in the reeds.

    Her smile widens as she drags me into her pond.

    100 words

    ROSIE LANE go fetch your badge of awesomeness at the top while tuesdaytalians speak of your writerly prowess far and wide!

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