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    #MenageMonday WINNER

    hosted by @caramichaels

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    D. Ryan ( @DRyanLeask ) judgemaster says: Wow! What a cool way to look at things and to bring a Robot to life!  I love the way that you looked at how iron rusts and deteriorates as a form of life and delved into that in only 200 words.  Gave me a real sense of feeling for your character.

    Challenge 5

    October 17th 2011

    photo: flooded city , phrase: “Nothing Left to”, prompt: title starting with X

    Xanadu- Ode to Breathe

    Like rust beneath the surface of a drowning city I knew exactly what I wanted to do for my remaining days. If ever a piece of iron could be living it was when water and air corrode it. Only then is it more than just metal; it breathes. I am just a robot in the monotonous routine of the world just waiting to live. It’s unfortunately that only when we are dying do we truly start to expand and fill our iron lungs with air. Protecting myself from the elements is what preserves my embalmed body but I am not afraid of oxygen anymore.

    There is nothing left to indulge in but to risk my existence to another.

    “When I met you my world stopped, for just a moment. When our eyes met I knew that I was no longer numb to the world. No longer blinded by the incoherent goals of my days I know now. Will you drown with me? In the ocean of our love?”

    Will you drown with me?

    You make me breathe.

    I am alive.

    184 words


    Todays flash fiction is not only inspired by the prompts of Caramichaels  but also Coleridge and Ruskin, some of my favorite classic authors/ poets.

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