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    You can view the rest of my humpdaychallenge entries HERE

    After 2 finalist/honorable mentions and 14 entries I have finally claimed the crown of #humpdaychallenge winner! You can click the winner badge to go to the winner post over at Tracey’s blog.

    Per Tracey: “With just a few sentence her character had the most…well…character! And she had a plan and a motive and issues and I want to know more! ” 

    Week 18 October 12th 2011

    Entry 14

    Shameless, sapphire, tattoo, accent, presidential

    Living up to my mother’s expectations of presidential status is even more difficult since she left. My eyes are always a shade duller than her brilliant sapphire orbs. Being late to class today I could hear her accented tone of shameless disapproval echoing in my ears, “There is no place for excuses.”

    She’s right.

    A single white lily with those words were tattooed to my ankle reminding me of what I need to accomplish.

    Graduation is tomorrow but today my gown will be the color of her murderer’s blood.

    There are no excuses for letting him forget.

    Because I haven’t.

    100 words

    #humpdaychallenge hosted by @thansenwrites every wednesday, you can enter or view the other entries to today’s prompt words here —>




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