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    hosted by @DRyanLeask

    Entry 1 week 3

    October 6th 2011

    prompt #2 phrase: Came Crashing Down

    Pure Hunger

    Damien came to her in the waking morning; who would suspect his shadow to be cast in sunlight versus the translucent beams of the moon. Every step deliberate not to keep himself hidden but to keep hope hidden in the Earth’s dirt from scuffing his Italian shoes freshly waxed with the sweat of tortured souls.

    She sits on the edge of her bed delicately lit by the stripes of the window blinds upon her peach skin.

    He doesn’t have to wait any longer.

    Soon his lips will crash down on her and everything that makes her pure will be his.

    100 words

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    #nanowrimo is coming up next month… so I decided I would do something completely out of my nature… plot and scheme … goes off to write.



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