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    September Dice Challenge

    Ladyantimony Dice games

    Posting dates are: September:  Monday 5th, 12th, 19th!, & Today

    There are 6 prompts each week and you pick your prompt for the week based on the number you roll on the dice.

    This time the challenges are 1000 word max flash fiction which is quite a bit more words than usual to have fun with.

    Read all about it at Lady Antimony’s blog.

    Challenge 4 will be prompt number 6 –  

    Please be sure to catch up on the story line with Challenge 1, and challenge 2 , and challenge 3  this is a continuation. Of course the story is alright in an of itself. You can continue to read this weeks challenge without back story, but all the 4 challenge will be a continuation and can also be read separately.

    “I was so sure I’d gotten rid of all the evidence…”

    creator of photo unknown

    “So what is this place really?” I look around the dank cave and run my hands under the slow stream flowing down the wall.

    “Fountain of youth, kid. Well it used to be.” Gabriella shrugs.

    “If I drink this water will I live forever?” I cup the water in my palms. It looks normal to me.

    “Would you want to? You’d be all wrinkly.” She investigates her hands and arms just to check. Gabriella seems satisfied no signs of wrinkles are apparent, “One last ritual to perform and then we can start on your training.”

    “A ritual? Last time you had a ritual your directions were vague to the point of non-existence.” I fold my arms still not trusting this crazy guardian.

    “It worked didn’t it?”

    “Not because of you!” I can’t seem to get the images of all the burning houses out of my mind. How many people did she kill looking for me due to her negligence?

    “Technicality, really. Let’s get this over with, James.” She takes a dagger from a sheath in her boot. Ornately decorated with engravings and jewels. A little fancy for an ancient ritual I was expecting like wooden challises and some sort of ash rubbed on my skin.

    Gabriella rushes forward dagger in hand. What the…? She’s like an animal charging a lamb but I am not her lamb. What if she screws up this ritual the same as she messed up the other houses burnt to the ground. I don’t trust it.

    Not one bit.

    I put my arm up in defense and try to dodge to the side.

    The blade slices into my skin. Drops of blood slide down my arm.

    “Are you insane!” I yell with venom.

    “Just stay still all ready.”

    “Like ‘ell I will!” I wince at the throb of my arm. I thought my skin was impenetrable after I accepted my dragon half but I guess that ritual knife is an exception.

    “Stop being such a baby! How are you supposed to fight and fulfill your destiny if you can’t even stand up to me?”

    “No one in their right mind would go against someone totally out of it! I don’t know you lady and right now I don’t want to be near you!” The cavern may be large but eventually I’m going to be running in circles staying away from this woman. I’ve got to get out of here.

    I trip over a rock and land on my knees. I’m a lot faster than her but she’s going to catch up if I don’t get back up and soon. My hands drag on the ground wetting the ground with drops of my fresh blood.

    Then I notice it.

    A bone… Well, a horn really or a very large tooth.

    “What is this?” I pick it up and then run before she is able to stab me again.

    “It’s rubbish, toss it back on the ground!”

    “It looks like a horn or something.” I touch my own horns on top of my head just to check the similarities. Mine were more curved but generally the same size. I’m not quite used to them yet only being a day or so as a demi-dragon.

    “You ruin everything, don’t you.” Gabriella frowns and stops, her feet skidding on the dust. Her jaw seems to crack and deform in front of my eyes.

    “What are you?”

    “Let’s just say I find your kind very appealing,” She licks her lips and then her chin snaps down and rows of sharp edged teeth appear like a grinder machine in her mouth. Her shoulders hunch and bones protrude from her flesh. She’s some sort of monster.

    Well, okay, so am I but she is like those monsters on video games that make your palms sweat with exhilaration and fear. My adrenaline really pumps on overdrive as I watch her twist in an uncomfortable manner.

    “So not my guardian then?” My eyes wide I look from her to the open cave door and then back to her. How much time do I have? Can I make it?

    This isn’t a test anymore.

    “I was so sure I got rid of all the evidence but no matter,” Her voice gurgles and how she can even communicate in that form I can’t even fathom.

    She’s still mutating and even though looking away is the hardest thing to do. Deer caught in headlights sort of thing. I hightail it to the door and pray that I have enough strength to close that slab of rock back in place even with a wounded arm.

    Part of the cave wall was crumbled by the last time I moved it out of the way but what is left should be enough of a barrier to give me the time to get out.

    I place my hand in the opening and push.


    I look in the cave and see her coming my way. She’s more than just a dragon… she’s beastly.

    “Never should’ve created your race. So weak.” Gabriella’s voice growls like a low rumble.

    But leave it to Gabriella to piss me off enough to muster up the strength.

    I can feel the heat course through my veins and into my hand.

    I push the stone wall.

    It rolls to a close.

    Then I remembered how I got here in the first place.

    How am I supposed to get back?

    Rushing down the sewer like passageways I find the spot where I first came in. No doors, no X marks the spot, and no exit sign.

    “I do have a destiny but I’ll have to face that on my own for now.” I sigh and then feel my body stretch and elongate like a vacuum sucking me up.

    How I got to go through the portal and back out the sewage drain, I don’t know, but I’m not sure how long I can run until Gabriella finds me.

    It’s time to train.

    It’s time to live.

    997 words

    Don’t forget to stop by for TuesdayTales challenge on today! Look forward to everyone joining in.

    Also if your up for a longer word count challenge please stay tuned for my Friday update

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  • David A Ludwig 6:58 pm on September 27, 2011 | # | Reply

    Awesome! It finally all ties together. Funny how he never really liked her and she did turn out to be bad news, that’s good foreshadowing on your part intuition on his part. I especially like that she keeps giving him strength by pissing him off. Curious about the fact that she apparently created his race and also feeds on them.

    • glitterlady 8:02 pm on September 27, 2011 | # | Reply

      Her kind created the race a while back as an experiment but she never liked them… she eats them for her youth… But it ties everything in as to why she didnt care others died trying to find him. lol But I really have hard times with endings… so this was tough bringing the story to a end… with the potential for other adventures if I so choose. Glad you like it!

  • September Dice Challenge « glitter word 8:58 pm on October 18, 2011 | # | Reply

    […] Challenge 4 will be prompt number 6 – “I was so sure I’d gotten rid of all the evidence…” […]

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