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    There were a total of 38 entries into Tuesdaytales this week:



    Check out the winner of Tuesdaytales HERE  and all of their original flashfiction entries HERE

    The story is a mix of everyones story rolled into 1 ultimate story, yes it changes tenses and pov a bit but over all the story flows nicely… there are 38 entries folks with all different sorts of stories… this was a doozy to put together, ENJOY

    Where You are Meant to Be

    I did not expect to be welcomed with open arms, but on we trudged, the prize that we knew could be ours giving us the strength. Soft leaves cushioned my feet, the damp aroma of soil rising from below. I had found it but the foliage seemed alive as it encompassed walls.

    He barely had time to utter a “fuck me” I will not stop, I will not yield. Times have changed and one made due.

    “Now,” she whispered. Starvation purified her mind, giving the world crystal sharp clarity. She had grown tired of his disappearances that left her feeling like a failure. The air hangs around us like a warm, damp blanket, and sheltered beneath the shadow of the vines we linger for a moment too long.

    She spread her arms wide, running her fingertips over the yearning leaves as she walked to the light in front of her. It’ll be many years more until the trees have forgotten the shape of their once constant companion. Railways cut deep wounds in the land eventually were entombed, like kudzu monsters.

    Now, there was light and greater strength than any could remember. The air pulsed with magic.

    “We’ll never… make it…,” She wheezed between pushes; her face, peeking through a tumbled fall of hair. Tired arms and aching legs were forgotten as we were lost in the wonderment of this forgotten world.

    “You’d think this was a challenge or something.” I said mockingly. Finally, I held up my glass and bottle in defeat. It doesn’t do to be caught talking, “Here, taste.” Finally, the reign of eternal darkness is at hand.

    I stare off into the distance where the sun only peeks through the foliage. Seeing absolutely no end in sight, he finally came to a complete stop.

    He was one hit away from breaking the home run record.

    Absolutely nothing at this point. He ran on, determined to catch her: the prize was a kiss. She knew the speed at which to run the labyrinth, the speed she could maintain and still not be caught.

    He will forever remain as yoked as the meanest of beasts.

    But no more, and she waits. Frozen.

    Screams. And now…silence. Reached for his lips.

    Flavor stronger now on my tongue

     “This gives…new meaning…to the term ‘deep throating’…” she wheezed.

     “No,” I smiled. “It’s my next adventure.”

    And you find you are standing exactly where you were meant to be.

     405 words

    Do to volume of entries; names are not in any particular order of how they appear in the story.

    @antonioangelo21  @katesquill  @jocastalizzbeth

    @klingorengi  @MAKozlowski  @nicolewolverton

    @Blnadri  @LiteraryGrrrl  @andrevr @DRyanLeask 

    @terryism  @Ravensdragonfly @Emilia_Quill

    @jematkins  @zombiemechanics @JenD_Author

    @TaniaDakka @LeslieBRamey @Samantha12Jane

    @righteousgeek @SweetSheil @Call_Me_Bookish

    @charitygirlblog  @ClareStubbs2 @wolfsghosts

    @saraheolson @_rosie_lane @mohio73 @TheaIsis

    @aftergadget @Teenyten @solimond

    @DavidALudwig @Vignirsson @caramichaels

    @jodimt @kineticwriting @EmilySaraEvans

     Thank you to all the entrants and their contributing stories.

    Go forth and multiply… I mean write more words.




  • David A Ludwig 6:00 am on September 24, 2011 | # | Reply

    Wow! Amazing! Really loving your mashups, and either I’m getting used to them or this one made a strange kind of sense… Almost felt like I could follow it, though it is a rather bitter tale.

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