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    Tuesday Tales Winner!

    Challenge #7

    By entering, every contestant agrees to shamelessly promote and praise the winner on twitter.

    There were a total of 38 entries! Check it out HERE

    For all discussions about this challenge use hash tag #TuesdayTales

    Please thank this Weeks Tuesday Tales Judgemaster: 


    Writer, fantasy novelist, contributor, blogger, poker player, & coffee addict. His  novels: &


    Best Use of the Photo:

    @EmilySaraEvans per the judgemaster: I think Emily captured the image perfectly, maybe it’s because she has been to the place in question. Nicely written too. A very close runner up.

    Best Line:

    @klingorengi Jeffrey Hollar “Unless and until a man evinces the requisite determination to be free, he will forever remain as yoked as the meanest of beasts.”

    Best use of the word Determination:

    @andrevr  André van Rooyen (@andrevr) “And there could be no certain determination of it’s span.”

    Sweetest Story:

    @Emilia_Quill Emilia Quill “He ran on, determined to catch her: the prise was a kiss.”




    Juan Pablo Hurtado

    Ja. Yes. Hai. Filmmaker of sorts. Disque cineasta. He writes things that you may or may not see one day in your screen.
    He also reads, watches, games and eats.

    The Story!

    She waits.

    The lush, verdant canopy allows the sun to kiss the rails that once met at each destination.

    But no more, and she waits. Frozen.

    Sleepers hide—shying away from the world—among a thick layer of undergrowth. Rust laps hungrily at cold metal in twin lines that were once the flesh of dreams; dreams now in decay.

    War takes a man, and she waits with stern determination.

    A rodent curious enough ventures into the tangle of blanched bones, sending pieces of a whole no more tumbling down.

    Body torn from soul, and she waits. For him.

    98 words @righteousgeek

    Per the words of the judgemaster:

    Out of all the stories this one stood out to me the most. Beautifully written. Bleak, but captivating. A well deserved win, but Jaun had better consider himself lucky, he had some really tough competition!

    Congrats @righteousgeek go claim your Winner badge at the top of this post and spread forth your writerly prowess!

    Check out the full flashfiction of our honorable mentions and the rest of the lovely contestants that participated HERE.

    There are tons of fabulous 100 word stories for your reading pleasure.

    Thank you for participating and stay tuned for next weeks NEW CHALLENGE on Sep 27th . Dun DUN DUN! [mysterious music ensues]


    The mixer for This weeks entries (1 story with 1 line from every entry = totally awesome sauce story) will be up and posted for Friday Come back and check it out to see what line of your story makes it in the story and how it all comes together… 38 entries , 38 lines , ONE ULTIMATE STORY!

    (apologize that the MASH UP is not going to post until Friday, every mash up for the next month will be posted Friday due to work/school obligations)



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