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    September Dice Challenge

    Ladyantimony Dice games

    Posting dates are: September:  Monday 5th, 12th, Today!, & 26th

    There are 6 prompts each week and you pick your prompt for the week based on the number you roll on the dice.

    This time the challenges are 1000 word max flash fiction which is quite a bit more words than usual to have fun with.

    Read all about it at Lady Antimony’s blog.

    Challenge 3 will be prompt number 3 –  

    Please be sure to catch up on the story line with Challenge 1, and challenge 2 , this is a continuation. Of course the story is alright in an of itself. You can continue to read this weeks challenge without back story, but all the 4 challenge will be a continuation and can also be read separately.

    You just discovered the Fountain of Youth – how did you find it?

    creator of photo unknown

    I never thought I would be transported to an alternate dimension before but then again I never thought the portal to said dimension would be a sewage drain.

    “You can let go of my hand now.” Gabriella shakes my vice-grip from her fingers. She had told me not to let go and I don’t even want to know what would have happened if I had. For all I know I would be sporting no head or my arm could be trapped in the space between spaces or what not.

    It was a risk I wasn’t willing to take. So damn straight I clung to that crazy woman’s hand like my life depended on it. To my pleasure I squeezed the blood from her hand like a ripe lemon, her knuckles were white. Serves her right for her trying to kill me and who knows how many others in search of the demi-dragon apprentice she so happens to desire, I honestly don’t want to know.

     Unfortunately for me, I am the demi-dragon and am kind of stuck with her.

    “For an ancient guardian you’re kind of touchy, aren’t you.” It wasn’t a question I just have this aching urge to pluck at any string I can because there is something about her that bugs me. Don’t ask me what because there are too many reasons to list.

    “I like to think of it as attuned.” She smiles wryly, “Follow me.”

    I take a look around and now it makes sense why the sewers are the gateway because our destination looks very much like a dank cave and smells of rotting rat feces.

    Where ever we are it isn’t the Royal Suite with room service and fluffy pillows.

    “Where exactly are we going?”

    “James, this is the beginning of your new purpose,” She stops at one of the cave walls and stares intently at it fondling its jagged edges with her fingers, “You can’t very well train up there with all those enforcement troops you humans call the law.”

    “Humans, glad you have such fond sentiments for us.” I roll my eyes exasperated by Gabriella’s nonsense.

    “I think very highly of you… except for the fact that you really didn’t pay attention to what I was telling you in your dreams. From within, how difficult is that?” She looks up at me with sympathy, “Don’t worry I blame that on your human half.”

    She pushes one of the rocks and the small bulge slides over revealing an a small opening. Not much of an entrance unless we were miniature people, I could only put a hand through that hole.

    What is this a joke?

    Gabriella steps aside and waves her hands at the wall like a game show host. Her next words wouldn’t surprise me if she said, ‘Let’s see what’s behind door number two! Show him his prize!’

    Her foot taps impatiently, “Well, start pushing.”

    “Pushing?” I look at her and then to the small opening and then back to her.

    “I’m a guardian, you fool, I can’t very well push this rock over.”

    “You want me to slide this rock over?”

    “Are you deaf?” She takes out a pin from her hair and then stabs me with it. The pin breaks into pieces on my skin.

    “What was that for?”

    “Had to make sure you actually are the demi-dragon I’m looking for,” she frowns, “You are, but it’s sad that you decided to be more human than dragon. You look so… normal.”

    “This is ridiculous.” I shake my head and place my hand in the hole to use as leverage. Breathing in deeply I then push the slab of cave wall.

    It moves…

    An inch.

    “Get on with it, you’re thinking too… there’s no pretty way of saying it, too much like a human. Just push, not with your arms, think inner strength kid.” She folds her hands over her chest waiting.

    I feel so insulted that I can feel steam building within me and as I breathe out a mist sips through my lips and down my nostrils. Such an odd sensation.

    “Then you do it you crazy old cow!” I can feel the heat vibrate through my pores and I turn around to her slamming my hand into the hole.

    The cave wall slides quickly to the side and crumbles on impact.

    “About time.” She says ungratefully.

    She is an infuriating woman.

    I look inside the revealed room and all it is a slow flowing stream down a wall in a very large cavern.

    “Welcome to the fountain of youth.” She smiles and walks in.

    Why we are here, I am still not sure. But apparently it’s my destiny, my new purpose.

    It’s a load of…

    Let’s just say I don’t entirely trust this crazy guardian of mine.

    800 words

    Until next time  AKA – to be continued

    The four weeks of the Dice Challenge, I will update the same story based on the new prompt. Come back Next Monday for the next update on our friend demi-dragon James.

    Don’t forget to stop by Tomorrow for TuesdayTales challenge! Look forward to everyone joining in.

    Check out the rest of the challengers with hash tag #dicegames




  • C.M. Cipriani 11:39 am on September 21, 2011 | # | Reply

    Oh, I wonder what his purpose here is! Love the trailing theme throughout the challenges.

  • Antimony 10:35 pm on September 21, 2011 | # | Reply

    Oh I love this! Sad that it’s going to be done next week 😦

    A x

  • David A Ludwig 5:54 am on September 24, 2011 | # | Reply

    Wow! Just leave us hanging with finding the fountain. Though I guess the prompt was ‘how did you find it’. I like that you chose to do them all as one large story, and this one’s finally giving me a better idea of why things happened they way they did in the first few stories. Tying four prompts together is definitely different than handling just one.

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