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    There were a total of 25 entries into Tuesdaytales this week:


    Living for Adventure

    She entered and the familiar classroom smell hit her like a punch; illicit cigarette smoke, cheap perfume, overactive hormones. I’d already paid for this exercise in madness, so I doubted he cared.

    “Weapons are hot, Base, but…” His efforts are to no avail, for the harness is tight around him.

    “I’m surprised we got up so high, so fast; but I admire your ability to stay conscious long enough to enjoy this view!” It was then she noticed a bizarre wooshing sound.

     “It’s like falling without a parachute.” If it were a UFO maybe it would beam me up into its belly, sure I’d be probed but at least I would … He was ready for her to do this.

    “It’s happening again,” Tanya whimpered. I realized my arms and legs had become useless.

    “I feel as though I could fly.” he added in response to her scandalized gasp. Sean said pressing the red button on the silver dash. He didn’t know what was happening, but his palms were moist, and the butterflies had just taken wing in his stomach.

    There was no way I could cover this up.

    Probing Cheney’s rumpled form, Lorenzo found tubes, wires, mouth askew, sighing: “Androids.” all so we could spy on the playboy mansion. The entire venture seemed like madness.

    “That explains why he needed my tractor last night.” This afternoon, the perfect service dog, he retrieved my purse. I paid, and we left. Obviously, the guy did not understand what was a running joke.

    True love swelled within my heart. “I live for adventure”

    261 words

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    Check out the winner of Tuesdaytales HERE  and all of their original flashfiction entries HERE

    In other news, I am Today’s #humpdaychallenge Judge so head on over and join the fun! You can also view my previous entries to this challenge HERE (starts at 9am PST , 12 noon EST)

    1 week from now is @ThansenWrites 30th Bday… this is a most special birthday because this is the marker of the first birthday she will repeat for the rest of her life. Several years from now on that day she will again celebrate her “30th” birthday. And as her birthday is coming up, please feel free to stalk her and send her warm fuzzy tweets filled with all your glorious desires…I mean just show your celebratory nature.

    Go forth and multiply… I mean write more words.




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