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    September Dice Challenge

    Ladyantimony Dice games

    Posting dates are: September:  Monday 5th, 12th, 19th, 26th

    There are 6 prompts each week and you pick your prompt for the week based on the number you roll on the dice.

    This time the challenges are 1000 word max flash fiction which is quite a bit more words than usual to have fun with.

    Read all about it at Lady Antimony’s blog.

    Challenge 2 will be prompt number 1 –  

    Please be sure to catch up on the story line with Challenge 1, this is a continuation. Of course the story is alright in an of itself. You can continue to read this weeks challenge without back story, but all the 4 challenge will be a continuation and can also be read separately.

    Sometimes it’s easier just to let them die…

    creator of photo unknown

    “How strange.” The woman looked at me up and down like some sort of pet project. She wasn’t that far off, I suppose. I’m part dragon after all.

    She didn’t look like some sort of guide from a previous century sent to help me fulfill my destiny, but that’s what she was, Gabriella the guardian guide. Wearing torn jeans and a tight white tank top that showed her frilly black bra underneath it. She looked nothing like my guide but I can’t say I’m complaining.

    I recognized her from my dreams, well her face anyways. I pictured her more in a flowing Grecian gown with wavy crimped hair. Her voice just hummed in my ears like music but that’s not what comes out of her mouth either.

    “Stop staring at me like some sort of freak.” I folded my arms over myself as we walked.

    “You are a freak,” She shrugged and then continued, “It’s just strange that you decided you would rather like to look more human than dragon. I was expecting more scales and less hair.” Her hand rubbed on top of my head and ruffled it around.

    “I thought I was human all my life. What’s so strange about wanting to stay that way?”

    “Doesn’t matter. We have some work to do. Just glad I wasn’t wrong about you.” She smiled at me mischievously.

    What’s that supposed to mean? Didn’t she know I would survive my human flesh falling from my body?

    “I could’ve died! You prepared me to melt my flesh off not knowing if I was actually a demi-dragon?” I can feel the steam gather inside my nostrils.

    “You’re alive aren’t you? Why are we having this conversation?” She sighed and then added, “Plus, you wouldn’t have been able to start the fire if you weren’t a dragon, am I right?” Her eyes lit up triumphantly.

    “What do you mean start the fire? I lit a freakin’ match.”

    “Uh, you didn’t start the fire from within you like I asked?” That moment she looked really concerned.

    “You didn’t ask me to build a fire within me! It wasn’t until I was already on fire that my insides blew up the rest of my house.”

    Who’s the freak now? Sending potentially innocent bystanders to fry to death.

    “Well, it all worked out alright didn’t it?” She huffed.

    “How many others?”

    “Does it matter? Sometimes it’s just easier to let some die for the greater good.” She sighs, “They all exhibited the right signs to being the apprentice I was looking for.”

    “Did you warn them that the fire needed to come from within? Not just convince them to set themselves on fire like an idiot?” I frown thinking about what I just said. I was a complete idiot.

    I could’ve been committing suicide thinking I was only ridding myself of my venerable skin to be replaced by more sturdy powerful skin needed to safe the world. Now that I thought about it more it all seemed kind of stupid.

    But I was a video game freak and my dream had come true with this prophesy.

    Couldn’t resist.

    “Of course I did! I said very clearly, ‘The power is within you to rid yourself of your mortal flesh.’ It was all very clear.” She nodded.

    “That’s not clear at all! That sound more like a pep talk telling someone that they need strength within themselves to take the next step to tear off their skin like maniacs.”

    “That’s not my fault if they didn’t understand my very accurate and very clear directions.” She breathed in sharply and then stopped in front of a sewage drain.

    “You and me have different opinions of clear. I’m just glad you found what you were looking for so no one else has to die.”

    “There were only…” I interrupted her mid-sentence.

    “I don’t want to know how many people suffered while you went about looking for me the wrong way. Their blood is partially on my hands as well.” I could feel the weight of the words on my shoulders because I felt truth in them. If she had found me sooner. Other people’s lives would have been saved.

    “We’re here.” She stated crouching near the sewage drain.

    I looked at the drain and then back to her face.


    “Take my hand.” Gabriella didn’t even allow me to make a decision for myself. She took my hand in hers and grabbed hold tightly, “Don’t let go James.” Her sharp hazel eyes were serious then. I don’t even want to know what would happen if I were able to flick her hand away.

    I clutched on tightly and the sewage drain seemed to expand around us like some sort of trippy portal.

    Where is she taking me?

    796 words

    Until next time  AKA – to be continued HERE

    The four weeks of the Dice Challenge, I will update the same story based on the new prompt. Come back Next Monday for the next update on our friend demi-dragon James.

    Don’t forget to stop by Tomorrow for TuesdayTales challenge! Look forward to everyone joining in.

    Check out the rest of the challengers with hash tag #dicegames




  • Jessica 3:49 pm on September 12, 2011 | # | Reply

    I am so glad you decided to continue this story. I wish it had been longer and I can’t wait until next weel.

    • glitterlady 7:08 pm on September 12, 2011 | # | Reply

      2 more weeks for this story to see what happens next to Demi-Dragon James. Glad you are liking it !

  • C.M. Cipriani 4:32 pm on September 12, 2011 | # | Reply

    Oh this is getting so interesting! We have the same prompt this week too 😀

    • glitterlady 7:09 pm on September 12, 2011 | # | Reply

      Seems like a lot of people rolled a 1 this week, I rolled all my options at the begining so I can have this full story line all set up. Come back next week for the continuation!

  • David A Ludwig 5:46 pm on September 12, 2011 | # | Reply

    Yep, same prompt this week. I love this one, possibly in part because it answers questions I had from the first one. I really like Gabriella, between her personality and unconventional garb for a mystic guardian guide, and the fact that she’s been able to convince several people to set themselves on fire.
    “What do you mean, start the fire? I lit a freakin’ match.” Definitely my favorite line, funny how easy it is to mess with geeks and gamers if you tell them they’re the ‘chosen one’. Also love that she thought she was being clear.

    • glitterlady 7:07 pm on September 12, 2011 | # | Reply

      Us Gamers have a vivid imagination that to other can seem insane or crazy.. in this case their inside craziness resulted in burned down houses and possible casulties. Glad you like it

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