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    Challenge #5 winner post

    Today I have a special treat for all the contestants: Bringing back the Mixer MASH UP!

    We had a total of 24 contestants this #tuesdaytales It’s a new record… and due to how many entries there are the flash fiction is more than 100 words… but its full of awesomeness check it out! Be sure to also check out the oringal stories HERE:


    The Mixer: 1 line from every entry to create the ultimate group effort flash fiction story!

    How much can a Bellwether take before quiting?

    “It’s damn hot,” John said to no one in particular. He was the bellwether of the pack, pushing ideas forward and manipulating others to get what he wanted with the cool controls of a puppet master. Summer or not, it was unfitting for the Almighty’s Instrument of Retribution to be perspiring so, he frowned. Something about the vinegary, bitter flavor seemed to do it now.

    More than one entity had come forth…and they said, “Is it good to be the bellwether?” Shading his eyes with a hand he squinted breathlessly up at their balcony. It was a simple enough question I guess but there was something in her tone that made me curious.

    “Let’s test that theory, shall we?”

    “Perfect. Lean forward, look towards the sunset.” The only sign that something was about to happen. Looked outside to see the dancing prisms of light as she patted the holster that held her .45.

    Screams tore the night, ragged wounds in the still silence.

    “Get your ass off the roof and bring me the God Damn firecrackers.” She shook her finger at the Hotel Manager.

    “Sorry,” said the voice, “wrong place, wrong time, wrong Moses.”

    “I feel in light of your blatant disrespect in this matter, I must resign my post, effective immediately.” he swatted the air in a grand wave.

    He flinched, then his dark eyes found mine, “He’s psychotic. We have to do something.”

    “Damn, damn, damn!”

    “Look out for that bellwether!”

    We both knew what came after.

    249 words

    In order of how their words appear in the story:

    1)      @EmilySaraEvans 2) @jocastalizzbeth 3) @klingorengi

    4)      @MLGammella     5) @Ravensdragonfly 6) @DRyanLeask

    7)      @DavidALudwig   8 ) @theglitterlady  9) @nicolewolverton

    10)   @corpusbookworm 11) @Samatha12Jane 12) @LeslieBRamey

    13)   @foxfyre               14) @charitygirlblog  15) @THansenWrites

    16)   @zombiemechanics 17) @MAKozlowski 18) @cindyluewho2

    19) @terryism    20) @saraheolson  21) @_rosie_lane

    22) @MyMercurialMuse 23) @Vignirsson  24) @caramichaels

    Spread the word and join the fun next tuesday!

    For all discussions about this challenge use hash tag #TuesdayTales

    This Weeks Tuesday Tales Judge has made their verdict and smashed down the gavel: 

    Give  a rounding thanks to :


    This weeks judge is a ghost writer, editor and blogger of all things cats in relation to writing.

    Yes she uses awesome cat photos to illustrate her points with writing advice.

    Check her out at :

    Per the words of the Judgemaster:

     “I loved reading these entries. There were so many good pieces that I ended up focusing on writing-craft things to narrow the field. I made myself get nitpicky about things like spelling, grammar, and word redundancy just to help whittle down the contenders. Sadly, this affected some of my first-glance favorites. But it helped me make my decision.” ~MuseInks


    “I love the sights, sounds, and set-up here. This piece combines both pathos and humor in a memorable way.  It quickly places the reader in the thick of the action. The piece moves. It’s bold, active, and rife with robust, lively words. It also packs a punch at the end that makes the reader revisit the beginning and see it in a different light.

    “Furthermore, this piece contains my favorite use of the Secret Word. “You’re no bellwether of fashion” may well become a catch phrase of mine.

    “Well done!” ~Museinks the judgemaster has spoken!


    Mommy Byrne

    Theirs was no balcony scene from Shakespeare.

    Harold fired up the briquettes, pretending to host a summer soiree at the precise moment Ruby cleared her stop, bus doors squegeeing shut another grueling day at the diner, white wedgies sponging the sidewalk, leftovers leaking from foil inside her gripsack.

    “You should join us, neighbor!” he bellowed, too eagerly.

    She squinted upward. Crikes, who said that?

    No bellwether of fashion in plaid plum smugglers, he swatted the air in a grand wave, forgetting his grip on the lighter fluid. Sparks snaked into a fireball.

    At the shelter, ‘twas a night to remember

    100 words

    Winner has received an edit & critique of the first chapter of their manuscript (up to 20 pages ) and a critique of their synopsis. Please email DM @museinks to claim your prize.

    As well as claim to the following nifty badge to spread forth their writerly prowess! Go forth Tuesdaytales minions and sing praises to the winner!



    Most Excellent Letter of Resignation: @cindyluewho2

    I feel Perseus’ pain here. I really do. I, for one, just hate it when my query letters are ignored and I am relegated to interacting with peons. I have never been a hero of either myth or legend, but the tone and characterization of this missive struck me as spot-on.

     Most Enviable Occupation: The Bellwether of Nerdville: @ravensdragonfly

    Because, really, who wouldn’t want to create an apartment-sized Tesla coil that took on a life of its own?  
     Most Admirable Reference to the Photo Prompt: @MAKozlowski 

    Most Likely to Evolve into a Readable Full-Length Book: @zombiemechanics

    I adore the creativity of this piece. I get the feeling that there’s much more of a story here and, frankly, I’d be interested in reading it. Mrs. Locket is a formidable, despotic biddy who castigates harmless Inter-dimensional Energy-beings. I detect shades of Jasper Fforde or Piers Anthony. Intriguing.

     Most Memorable Lunatic: @_rosie_lane

    I can see this character in words even more clearly than I can see him in the photo prompt. I’m a big fan of the terse drama in this scene. If only some big-budget movie action scenes were this tightly crafted… 

    Most Readily Enacted by My Neighbors Most Passionate Advocate for Public Libraries: @MyMercurialMuse

    I really liked this one. It reads like screenplay or stageplay dialogue, but it’s readily visualized. I like the characterization and the easy flow of conversation with an underlying (and longsuffering) edge to it. I swear, someone’s been listening to my neighbors and taking dictation.

    Honorable Mentions have received an edit and critique of their choice EITHER synopsis OR 1st 5 pages of their manuscript. Please DM @museinks to claim your prize.

    Check out the rest of the lovely contestants the participated and of the above honorable mentions HERE. There are tons of fabulous 100 word stories for your reading pleasure.

    Thank you for participating and stay tuned for next weeks NEW CHALLENGE on Sep 13th . Dun DUN DUN! [mysterious music ensues]

    What’s coming up next:

    Every Monday of September I will be posting a flashfiction for #dicegames about a demi-dragon named James. Catch up on the first install of this series HERE

    Also participating in #writercampaign posting my challenge fiction peices on Sep 7th (later today), Sep 23rd, and Oct 19th.

    Stay tuned.




  • Mommy Byrne (@terryism) 2:24 pm on September 7, 2011 | # | Reply

    Thank you, Glitter Lady! (I shall write to MuseInks separately) … this is my first time out on flash fiction — became obsessed only in the past week, and trying to find something without much lead time or investment, as I thrive on deadline pressure. Was even planning to blog about it today and possibly edit my submission on the blog, ha, as I vomited it in the few minutes before my shift last night. Anyway, lured into the whole phenom by a friend, I found your alluring site by accident (am not well Twitter-versed, either) ALL the talent was so inspiring — especially the Moses guy! I am so honored, especially to be among such creatives and those who tickled my fancy. Woke up feeling under the weather from TS Lee, but wow, miracle cure.

  • Ami Hendrickson 3:02 pm on September 7, 2011 | # | Reply

    Such wonderful entries. Judging is SO DANG HARD! If I had my druthers, I’d have awarded several Winners. Which rather muddies the point, I realize.

    Glitter Lady, you made me go back & re-evaluate my blog for catness. I’ve never been particularly pro-cat. I’m more of a dog person. Cat pics, however, readily illustrate so many aspects of the writing life. Maybe it’s because felines are both aloof and neurotic. I see now that therapy may be required…

  • My newfound flash-fiction addiction « mommytongue 3:41 pm on September 7, 2011 | # | Reply

    […] guess what? Somehow, I was judged a winner, but visit the site — many masterful entries. (I have tweaked it here slightly because, yeah, […]

  • David A Ludwig 4:37 pm on September 7, 2011 | # | Reply

    Wow, impressive turn-out this week! Congrats to the Winner and runners-up.

    • terryism1960 3:53 pm on September 8, 2011 | # | Reply

      Thanks, but mine was only beginner’s luck. Best part is meeting new people and trying to stay on top of all these fast-flinging tweets. Now thinking: given that the prize was a reading of “my” manuscript, of which there is none (sad face), maybe one of the brilliant runners-up whom Ms. Hendrickson chose might be able to collect on that? just a thought.

  • Flash fiction in fewer than 140 characters « mommytongue 6:04 pm on September 7, 2011 | # | Reply

    […] deadline isn’t over. So when I call myself a flash-fiction virgin … well, not anymore, #TuesdayTales has spoiled me … but, see, I wasn’t counting these, which haven’t been judged […]

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