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    TuesdayTales Winner

    As a special treat to everyone who participated in this weeks tuesdaytales I have created a story mash up combining everyone’s tale into one:

    The Mixer: 1 line from every entry to create the ultimate group effort flash fiction story!


    The balloons, the lights, the water, especially his smile—all suggested fun. Casually, he glanced at the note– and choked on his wine. The breeze picked up, making the waves choppier, their rhythm urgent. The wait staff hated him. They were too involved with themselves to see the city’s dark secret. Even the urgency in his voice had not given him away. Cups drawn, lights twinkling, and jazz in the air.

    It read:

    “Forget Jim! Jim is a dog. I’ll kill him!”

    He looks out across the sea, lit by the blood red death of the evening sun. He smiled at her again, gripping her fingers slightly as he spied the camera crew over her shoulder. A trained assassin standing 10 feet away and they don’t have any clue that they’re about to die. The sun seems to draw them out in droves.

    “Are you dissembling again? You know I hate it when you hide things from me.” she squeezed his hand harder, sharp nails digging into flesh. “Not really,” she murmured.

    His eyes twinkle as they pass over her like a caress. The thrill of anticipation quivered within her.

    That’s the problem with pretty little secrets.

    Sentences are in the following order:

    1st @caramichaels  2nd @redshirt6  3rd @MyMercurialMuse

    4th @DavidALudwig  5th @EmilySaraEvans  6th @Emilia_Quill

    7th @theglitterlady  8th @Literarygrrrl  9th @charitygirlblog

    10th @samantha12jane  11th @zombiemechanics  12th @cindyluewho2

    13th @Vignirsson  14th @jamilajamison  15th @_rosie_lane

    16th @coralm  17th @TheaIsis  18th TeenyTen

     This is an exciting time I would like to give special thanks to our Judge this week  the terrific:


    click to go to

     This weeks judge is an avid writer and reader of YA paranormal thrillers

    and blogger of all things wise and publish like.

    Check her out at :

    She has taken the time to comment not only on the winner this week but also on a runner up. Give thanks to our Tuesdaytales judge!

    Per the words of our judgemaster: 

     I love everything about this image–the colors, the feel of the waves. the feeling of hurry without hurrying. The intimacy of the writing. So little written but so very much said. Lovely short sentences that hit the heart. I can feel her anguish. Wonderful. Bravo to @charitygirlblog !


    Margaret C McNulty


    check her out here:

    He looks out across the sea, lit by the blood red death of the evening sun. “It’s just for a little while,” he says. I hear the rush of waves on the bone coloured beach below, hurried, too hurried. I look down at my hand, at the gold band. He glances at me, sidelong. “Really.”
    I smell it then, the sea. Taste the primal tang upon my lips. It’s easy to feel insignificant, faced by its boundlessness. And I do. “Of course,” I dissemble. “Of course, just for a little while.” It’s the sea I taste, not my tears. Really.

    100 words


    Take up your Badge and post forth your writerly prowess!

    Not only is she a two time winner… but two times in a row… CONGRATS!

    Hey there fellow Tuesdaytalians its time to turn up your A game for next weeks challenge, you going to let this snazzy writer take you down?

    All ye who know of her awesome sauce must go forth and spread the word in twitterverse as per the written agreement of joining Tuesdaytales… unashameably promote! MUWAHAHAHA!

    Patti had a difficult time choosing this winner and @caramichaels was sooooo close to victory as the runner up:

    Judgemasters comments:  ….but it was SO HARD to choose. Still, I loved how calm her character feels, how planned out and calculated her actions. Cold and marvelous. Such a cheery beginning for such a deadly ending. Wonderful!

    As for our honorable mentions :


    Favorite Use of the Secret Word– @_rosie_lane

    “Not really,” she murmured, the need to dissemble gone with the snick of the lock.

    Also a pretty neat use of the tree in the picture… I think it’s going to eat the couple on the balcony. Twistedly Sweet!

    Most creative use of the picture inspiration – @Cindyluewho2

    Her Pov was from the tree covering in balloons waiting for the infestation of the human race to hide away when the rain comes. Quiet brilliant. 

    “Storms seem to keep these pest shut in whatever hobbles they hide in whenever there’s even a hint of rain. It’s only on stormy days that I am left alone to enjoy the tranquility of my beautiful surroundings. ”

    Most Touching realism – @MyMercurialMuse

    “I’m finally doing what I want,” she said, and walked away.


    Check out the rest of the lovely contestants the participated and of the above honorable mentions HERE.

    Thank you for participated and stay tuned for next weeks NEW CHALLENGE on Sep 6th . Dun DUN DUN! [mysterious music ensues]




  • charitygirlblog (Margaret) 1:03 pm on August 31, 2011 | # | Reply

    Hilarious! Love the mix up and am well chuffed and deeply honoured to win this week!!

    • glitterlady 5:14 pm on August 31, 2011 | # | Reply

      You always do such a wonderful job the judges seem to love you! Keep your toes fresh, I am sure the rest of the tuesdaytalians are going to throw all the stops next time 🙂

  • David A Ludwig 6:06 pm on September 2, 2011 | # | Reply

    Somehow missed mentioning earlier that the Mixer was a really cool idea. Funny how you have enough participants in Tuesday Tales that the Mixer far exceeds the word-count for an individual entry.

    • glitterlady 7:11 pm on September 2, 2011 | # | Reply

      David – I think I might keep at the mixer thing for coming weeks as well but next weeks prize might be enough to satiate my participants… you should definately not miss out next week. the prize is totally awesome.

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