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    TuesdayTales Winner

    This is an exciting time I would like to give special thanks to our Judge this week  the Sinfully delightful :


    She is our blood lust gal and author of Divine Wine “Vampires don’t sparkle, they eat people.”

     check her out at

    She has taken the time to comment not only on the winner this week but also on the honorable mentions. She is our mistress of swords and her word will cut through you with accurate awesomeness. Heed her words.

    Per the words of our judgemaster: 

    “I liked everything. Lots of talent visiting your site. But since I had to choose, I’ve picked @charitygirlblog as overall.

    My thoughts are below.
    Learning to tell a tale in just 100 words is good practice for all of us, and there was no shortage of good stories this time around. I liked each one for different reason. But I had to choose those that stand out in my mind.

    “The Feeling of Life – This is beautiful done, a lovely story in just a few words. I feel much of the relationship, and this appeals to all of my senses: I smell, taste and touch. For me, as a reader, I feel as though I’m getting the chance to see inside this woman’s head, and I better understand her decision.” ~Diana Trees

    Margaret C McNulty


    check her out here:

    It was the drone that she hated. The engine noise, the nauseating screech of brakes. She heard his low, gaseous laugh, the belching belly chuckle that came from four cans of Red Stripe. Her lips tightened. Cop shows. He loved them. Loved watching those riders brought skidding down by a thick-headed officer of the law. That’s what their evenings were about now, the constant drone of motorbikes, the squeal of sirens. She was invisible, her voice suffocated by engine noise. She looked down at her hand, saw the sparkle of the ring. She dropped it in his beer and left.

    100 words


    Take up your Badge and post forth your writerly prowess!

    All ye who know of her awesome sauce must go forth and spread the word in twitterverse as per the written agreement of joining Tuesdaytales… unashameably promote! MUWAHAHAHA!

    As for our honorable mentions Our judgemaster has done us the honors.


    Best Use of the Secret Word – @coralm  “Of all the sparkling luck!”

    “I loved this work. Indeed, I was at work when I first read it through and literally laughed out loud. The unexpected twists of wicked humor hint at the woman behind each word. I love the sense of humor and story that’s hidden behind these words.”
    Extra Sensory Perception – @jocastalizzbeth

    “Not only does this story appeal to all of the senses, it takes us into the moment of the accident and then allows us to look back just a few moments. I’m impressed by the easy use of words and how this almost flows as poetry. A good rhythm of short and long sentences make it a good and smooth read.” ~ Diana Trees

    Allowing the Imagination to Work – @Samantha12Jane

     “This story is less about what it says than what it doesn’t say. The words allow the imagination to run wild, to try to understand the vacation and Melinda’s need to pray. I love this kind of story, and the places it takes me (and then leaves me there to figure it out on my own). ” ~Diana Trees


    The Quiet – @_rosie_lane

    “I like the quiet complaint that the bikes should be moving. That observation brings me back to this story again and again.” ~Diana Trees
    Check out the rest of the lovely contestants the participated and of the above honorable mentions HERE.

    Thank you for participated and stay tuned for next weeks NEW CHALLENGE on Aug  30th . Dun DUN DUN! [mysterious music ensues]




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