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    So it’s that time… yes, the winner has been chosen, like the sorting hat of … you get the picture.

    Tuesday Tales Winner of the first Challenge judged by our very own.

     Steve Montano @Daezarkian

    Author of the BLOOD SKIES novels. Post-Apocalyptic Military Dark Fantasy. With Vampires.

    Per the words of our judgemaster: “Her piece was vivid and poetic, made effective use of the choice word…and she gets bonus points for making use of “obdurate” and “nadir”, as well.  =D
    All of the entries were fantastic — everything was suitably grim, languid and poetic. ”

    Bonnie L. Nadri


    She drooped like wilting leaves as the lugubrious veil of memory draped and drifted, settling. The card, yellowed and rippled with historical tears, sat pinned by the weight of the vase; its curling, browning expanse a silent reminder and mockery of the words inscribed in now-invisible ink, “Always and in all ways, love.”

    It was an odd, obdurate obsession; the nadir of loss, passed, still she loathed the thought of forsaking them. In the sunlit corner of the uppermost attic, the crystal sparkles and the scent of roses waft; she tends them gently, eternal blooms comforting her with delusion’s perfume.

    100 words

    Take up your Badge and post forth your writerly prowess!

    All ye who know of her awesome sauce must go forth and spread the word in twitterverse as per the written agreement of joining Tuesdaytales… unashameably promote! MUWAHAHAHA!

    As for our honorable mentions chosen by yours truly.


    Most creative choice of the super secret word: “The Lugubrious Guide to Home Décor” by Shana Hammaker (@Literarygrrrl)

    Most touching prose: “I carried the rose with me back to bed.” by Danielle (@MyMercurialMuse)

    Check out the rest of the contestants the participated and of the above honorable mentions HERE.

    Thank you for participated and stay tuned for next weeks NEW CHALLENGE. Dun DUN DUN!




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