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    Charity – unlimited loving kindness towards all others.

    check out the 7sins counterpoint : Greed

    What better way to be charitable than to give up your body… no, you naughty minded readers. I do not mean in a lustful way. I actually mean quiet literally, to give up your body to another, no questions asked.

    In this story, the person knows an angel is in need of a corporeal form on Earth and she just willingly gives it up… but the question I would have asks myself if I were her is, “Why would an angel use possession?”

    The Vessel

    “I saw you before?” Her phone lights up and moves it around instinctually as if in the dark looking for something. Squinting she thinks of those paintings that need blurred vision to see the picture.

    “Not sure why you saw me to begin with. My contact with a guardian, the brief moments of decent altering me, being part human, it could’ve been any number of things,” He walks over and grabs her hand. She looks at her fingers smiling, “I need a vessel to react with this world. Who knows how long you will still hear my voice?”

    “You said you needed a body?”


    This is an excerpt from Torn, my working progress MS.  Check out the others with #7virtues hash tag on twitter or check out the Host Lady Antimony’s blog.

    Preview: Diligence- “Did the angel forget the coming war?”

    But don’t forget that Today is #TUESDAYTALES ! So Head on over to the tuesday tales post and enter in the contest to earn this awesome sauce badge for your blog in which it is sure to earn you minions and more!



  • Emilia_Quill 3:16 pm on August 9, 2011 | # | Reply

    You said the magic word “posession”, it’s a thing that scares me to near death, but is intriguing as well. Yes, why does he use posession and why does she agree? I’d ask a alot of question before even considering.

    Can’t wait to buy and read Torn when it comes out.

  • jamilajamison 5:35 pm on August 9, 2011 | # | Reply

    Ooooh this definitely piques my interest! I really like this excerpt — can’t wait to read the rest when it’s done.

    • glitterlady 6:11 pm on August 9, 2011 | # | Reply

      @Emilia – Possession is a creepy thing but some people don’t ask questions and in some ways that is very faithful but in times of temptations its best to ask what your signing up for. 🙂
      @Jamila Thank you for stopping by, glad you like the excerpt, I have enjoyed writing the story thus far and eventually plan on getting it agented… but until then. My friends will have to settle for just my excerpts and flashfictions. Hope you are joining #tuesdaytales today!

  • charitygirlblog 10:19 pm on August 10, 2011 | # | Reply

    I’m so excited about your WIP – all these excerpts are very tantalising.

    • glitterlady 12:51 am on August 11, 2011 | # | Reply

      @Darcy Oh Stop, your making me blush! [glomp] <—(flying hug)

  • Rosie Lane 8:44 pm on August 11, 2011 | # | Reply

    I think I might need more context for this one, but it is certainly intriguing.

  • David A Ludwig 6:05 am on August 14, 2011 | # | Reply

    Well, I think I’ve already given my thoughts on this scene and further missed commenting in any fashion near timely enough to point others toward the WIP over at Book Country… So I guess all I can really add is that I might have personally skewed the excerpt a little to actually get the part where she gives him her body–good choice for Charity though.

  • 7 Virtue Flash Fiction Challenge « glitter word 9:31 pm on October 18, 2011 | # | Reply

    […] finished the challenge virtue posts here:) CHASTITY: The Touch TEMPERENCE : Chant CHARITY: The Vessel DILIGENCE: A Mission PATIENTS: Freedom KINDNESS: The Guardian HUMILITY: Blood […]

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