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    Welcome back for another round of #7virtues

    Today is Gluttony…. well the absence of , meaning Temperance.

    The constant mindfulness of others and one’s surroundings. Practicing self control, moderation, and deferred gratification.


    “It is not the place of a Cherub to love in the way you are speaking right now.” Raphael lowers his voice and crouches, his wings expanded behind him to give them privacy. Meeting the eyes of the boy before him, “Love is the power we are given but only to love humans, guide them, and protect them. It is not our place to ask for more.”

    Raphael pauses and touches Micha’s head with the palm of his hand, “You must love, guide, and protect humans.” The words repeat in Raphael’s mind like a chant, love, guide and protect humans. Only humans…

    This is another excerpt from Torn. Don’t worry not all of my virtues are from my story in progress. It’s just that when your story is about angels and demons it’s like a challenge to make sure that I find all of the virtues somewhere in my story… well since they are supposed to be angels and all.

    Also, yet again you can look at the rest of the challengers for the 7 virtues under the #7virtues pound tag on Twitter or visit Lady Antimony’s post which has a list of the sign ups… But just because you aren’t signed up doesnt mean you can’t join, the hash tag is always open to the newcomers.

    Tuesday’s Preview: Charity:

    “Squinting she thinks of those paintings that need blurred vision to …”

    Don’t forget that Tomorrow is also the start of  TUESDAY TALES! Come back to join the fun!



  • Rebecca T. Little 5:45 pm on August 8, 2011 | # | Reply

    You give Raphael a very distinct sense of caring here, nicely done.

  • Emilia_Quill 6:41 pm on August 8, 2011 | # | Reply

    I want to read more, there’s so many question about this text I want answered. There’s a nice feeling of peace and calm that’s catching. Kind of like watching a dog sleep, the feeling of this story spreads into the reader.

  • glitterlady 7:16 pm on August 8, 2011 | # | Reply

    @Rebecca Raphael is a corner stone in my story, Like my rock. I heart him.
    @Emilia Raphael is trying to not only convince Micha but himself that loving a fellow angel is not in their job description. Only humans, no room for personalized or narrow minded love. Glad you like it 🙂

  • Margaret 10:50 pm on August 8, 2011 | # | Reply

    I didn’t think it was possible but I love this even more than the last one. Utterly intriguing and atmospheric. The first two lines are one if the best set ups I’ve read in ages.

  • glitterlady 10:58 pm on August 8, 2011 | # | Reply

    @Margaret, Ohhhh Flattery will get you everywhere [flying hug] Glad you like it, I was concerned that my excerpts for the Virtues wouldn’t appeal as much as the sins did. [bows] thank you thank you

  • Rebecca Clare Smith 1:13 am on August 9, 2011 | # | Reply

    This is a really lovely piece. It’s very peaceful and yet thought provoking to read.

    • glitterlady 3:13 am on August 9, 2011 | # | Reply

      @Rebecca I am glad with the response, I was thinking it was too subtle when I wrote it and decided to post, But I guess it comes across just right. Thank you

  • David A Ludwig 5:23 am on August 9, 2011 | # | Reply

    This is definitely perfect for Temperance–and in fact I’d want to try and find all 7 Virtues in Raphael because he’s so cool. Raphael is definitely my favorite character in Torn with no competition.

  • Lissa 11:22 am on August 9, 2011 | # | Reply

    No, it’s not too subtle. I find it very sad.

    • glitterlady 2:29 pm on August 9, 2011 | # | Reply

      @Lissa , Then it has made its point, Happy it came across correctly. Thank you so much
      @David , You know that I actually had a review on Torn that really didnt like Raphael at all, I felt sad when I read that review because I like his character alot as well. Well I believe most of my virtues are from Raphael so hopefully you won’t be dissappointed by my choices 🙂

      Don’t forget that Tuesday tales is up and running, Join in and post a 100 word story to participate. [hugs]

      • David A Ludwig 5:59 am on August 14, 2011 | #

        I think you have to expect some people to violently dislike Raphael. You can’t please everyone, and given how strongly I feel about Raphael it seems inevitable some people with have the “equal-but-opposite” reaction to balance out.

  • Rosie Lane 8:42 pm on August 11, 2011 | # | Reply

    Whenever I see the word cherub I think of little flying babies. I take it he isn’t?

    • glitterlady 5:42 am on August 12, 2011 | # | Reply

      Nope my angelic cherubs are not flying babies, actually none of my angels are babies… even the birthings (which i call newly hatched angels) are not babies… they come as full grown but all innocent like. That would be pretty funny if I changed the story for him to be a baby… would change the whole dynamic.

  • 7 Virtue Flash Fiction Challenge « glitter word 9:31 pm on October 18, 2011 | # | Reply

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