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    7 virtues 7days, 7stories Blog Challenge

    Today is Lust… I mean Chastity.

    I’d have to say this was a tough one for me because everything in life becomes more alive by being sensuous but sweetness is a good thing too, I suppose.

    I am taking the route of innocent highschool puppy love, This is an excerpt from my current work in progress “Torn” posted on bookcountry.

    photobucket bluehornytoad


    The Touch

    “Are you alright?” John looks around, “I guess the hallways can be brutal.”

    “Yes, I am fine.” Marie removes her silk glove and takes his hand in hers.


    Helping her to her feet he feels his heart rate increase as her skin, her fingers, wrap around his.

    “This may seem strange but have I met you before?” Marie shifts her eyes cautiously.

    “Not that I know of but I don’t remember anything before waking from a coma.” He shrugs and they walk down the hall. He looks down at their hands still entwined happily hoping she won’t notice.

    To be continued…

    Clarification when it says “Nothing.” It’s because usually when Marie get’s touched by people she ends up by connection having a wave of their internal pain course through her. In essense absorbing their pain making the other person feel better but giving herself pain.

    Finding something for Chastity is difficult especially with only 100 words… To me it seems like the virtues need a whole lot more explaination and words to really portray correctly… but maybe it’s just me being lazy and tired.

    Get you’re butt on over to LadyAntimony’s web or pound in #7virtues on Twitter to see the other loonies that decided to join me in this blogging adventure. 100 word awesome sauce stories.


    Monday’s Preview:

    Temperance: “It is not our place to ask for more…”



  • Lissa 6:57 pm on August 7, 2011 | # | Reply

    You’re right: the virtues do require more explanation, because each virtue covers a whole host of meanings. The seven sins were in hindsight a lot easier. It’s easy to blow up a sin all out of proportion. How, exactly, do you make an absence of something, or a passive trait, larger than life?
    If you’re continuing on this story in a bigger narrative, I look forward to reading the second installment.

  • Antimony 7:36 pm on August 7, 2011 | # | Reply

    It definitely was a lot harder coming up with something for the Virtues, I completely agree that the sins were much easier to work with!

    I look forward to reading more from ‘Torn’ 🙂

    A x

  • Bryce Daniels 12:21 am on August 8, 2011 | # | Reply

    Love this take on Chastity. And yes, these have been so much more difficult. We all are either A) a very poor representation of the human race, or B) just a bunch of loonies.

    Looking forward to how well you tackle the rest of the Virtues.

  • David A Ludwig 4:27 am on August 8, 2011 | # | Reply

    I’ll sign on the Virtues being harder to write. Chastity in particular because it opposes my absolute favorite Sin! The real issue for me is like Lissa said sort of based on the Virtues requiring more explanation, being a virgin doesn’t necessarily make you Chaste in the Virtuous sense–nor does not being a virgin disqualify you from having Chastity as a Virtue. It does seem so much more complicated.

  • Emilia_Quill 12:01 pm on August 8, 2011 | # | Reply

    I missed the sins, but I think they’d been easier. Even when an idea came to me fitting it into 100 words and getting the idea across was tough.

    I so want to read you WIP when it’s ready. Marie sounds like an interesting person and I love empaths.

  • charitygirlblog (Margaret) 12:44 pm on August 8, 2011 | # | Reply

    I had a very basic understanding of the virtues too – I took them at face value, but the different stories people have come up with (and the useful explanations they’ve posted) have showed me something much more broad and complex. I like what you’ve done here – the set up is intriguing, and I’m keen to know how they progress!

    • glitterlady 3:15 pm on August 8, 2011 | # | Reply

      @Lissa Most of my virtues I will be taking from my Story Torn and its universe but even dealing with angels seems difficult to relay virtues. lol. I am just a sinful person deep down.
      @Antimony Glad you stopped by, Do come back for Tuesday Tales!
      @Bryce My virtues are diffinately a whole lot more subtle than my sins but hopefully they come across all right,
      @David Totally agree… but unfortunately Jadyn/Marie has fallen under the typical category of virgin… not like her emphathy really lets her get too close to anyone. Kind of like Rogue in X men
      @Emilia Thank you for your interest in my story! I have been enjoying the process but I am still only 1/3 through the manuscript… But soon! I swear I will bunker down more.
      @Margaret Hope you come back for more, I do enjoy an audience for my characters. I like to know what works and what doesnt. Thx a bunch.

  • Rosie Lane 8:41 pm on August 11, 2011 | # | Reply

    Cute. It will be interesting to see how they pan out.

  • 7 Virtue Flash Fiction Challenge « glitter word 9:31 pm on October 18, 2011 | # | Reply

    […] finished the challenge virtue posts here:) CHASTITY: The Touch TEMPERENCE : Chant CHARITY: The Vessel DILIGENCE: A Mission PATIENTS: Freedom KINDNESS: […]

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