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    In to the Living

    My throat is dry as if in the presence of a salt mine any moisture is absorbed before satisfying the ache. Like my throat life is barren with a yearning for more. More of anything and everything but mostly I crave a connection. That’s when I decided the deserts of my home held nothing of importance. But to be human that was another story. I’ve heard so many stories about being one of them with all of their imperfections.

    That’s what makes them so wonderfully beautiful.

    All of those failures, insecurities, and flaws.


    But the only way to go there and play with them is to partially be one of them. Take on human form. Sure I have plenty of them here but their souls are already so shattered. That’s why I decided to go to the ‘Inbetween’.

    I looked into the glass and spotted a boy leaning over the edge of a bridge. His fingers are lightly clinging to the rails with the wind upon his face.

    He won’t survive the fall.

    I will take over where he left off.

    The feeling of moisture in the air laps at my closed eyelids. It surprises me and I open my mouth to feel it on my tongue. As I open my eyes I can see the water collapsing around me. My body begins to twitch and then I remember why. Air.

    It’s something I need.

    The new me needs air.

    I can feel him writhe around aimlessly searching for this substance. My feet are kicking, my arms flailing, and then I feel the resign. Finally, I am free.

    Whoever this boy was, it doesn’t matter. He’s spirit has left this body and now I struggle to move each weighed limb to shore. Laying there in silence I wonder why this body is so difficult. Once the spirit is gone I was told that controlling the body should be so much easier, no resistance.

    “What are you doing?” A voice calls to me.

    The resonance in the tone reminds me of my father.

    “Doing what I should have done a long time ago.” The words gurgle from my mouth and bits of water overflow from the sides of my lips.

    “So you shall have.” The sound rumbles in my ears and I can see him smiling wickedly. He is displeased with my actions and this will not be the last time I hear from him.

    The Earth beneath me cracks and lifts assisting me to a standing position. My knees give way and as I fall I can feel the water ravage my throat as it rushes from my lungs. Grabbing for my neck I am in shock as I gasp for air. Breathing. I have never had the need before.

    A sharp pain shutters through my chest like lightening had struck this very spot. Nails tear through my soaked shirt, my nails, revealing a jagged rise in flesh across my chest and it crawls up my neck sizzling to a stop beside my ear. I can feel it as I scream in pain.

    My heart beats.

    My brain throbs.

    My body aches.

    He has made me living.

    I am alive.

    My hand lifts to touch the burn on my neck. A momentary touch sends my head lurching away. I feel the pain. The burn still feels fresh with fire and I smile with tears in my eyes.

    “I am alive.”


    This is an exerpt from a story I am working on called Wrath, I am working on a series of books each based on a fallen angel either rediscovering their goodness or reaffirming their demonized half.

    Unfortunately this particular project is on the backburner until I finish my current story, “Torn” which I hope to have the first draft finished by end of the summer. Though, “Torn” is the first title I’ve come up with for the story, I fear it doesnt quite represent where the story is going and what I want for it. So I think I will be renaming it in the near future… Any suggestions are welcome. The first chapters are posted on Bookcountry. Very nice site that is dedicated to forums for bettering writing and various discussions as well as the support of many writers that read your book and give critique on bettering it.

    Don’t forget to come back next week for Friday Flash.




  • Craig Smith 9:48 pm on July 15, 2011 | # | Reply

    nice concept.

    I think it will prove to be an interesting read.

    • glitterlady 9:59 pm on July 15, 2011 | # | Reply

      @Craig, glad you liked it. Was this flash fiction confusing or did you understand what was happening? It is apart of the first chapter of one of my work in progress stories.

  • David A Ludwig 4:15 pm on July 19, 2011 | # | Reply

    I found it interesting, and was able to follow it fairly well. I’m guessing these fallen angel books are in the same setting as Torn? I do like the idea of a fully developed setting where you know the stories of more characters than are likely to all appear in Torn.

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