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    Deadly Seven

    This is the last of the 7 deadly sins flash fiction installment… But don’t think that is the last of the challenge my friends. Keep your eye’s peeled for next month’s challenge of the 7 virtues.


    He moves the girl’s fingers flexing them in and out feeling the ache of her bones with each movement.

    “I did it!” He exclaims through his vessel’s voice.

    “You think you did this on your own, my boy?” The voice echoes in his mind.

    “Who do you think you are?” Micha looks around the room curiously.

    “I am hurt you don’t recognize my voice.” The laugh haunts his thoughts, “My boy, so righteous.”

    Micha rolls the girl’s tongue feeling the ash crumble on the roof of her mouth.

    “Possessing a body, did you think that was your angelic half?”


    This is a peice based from the story Torn that I am working on posted to bookcountry. Micha, a demi-angel, continues to struggle with his building sins, and the realization that he has more than one father and he may not be human…

    This was the toughest sin for me to work with because it was a challege to think of which way to think of the sin. I could have used vanity, the love of self. Which I kind of did here with Micha thinking he accomplished a possession on his own, couldn’t have been the fact that the human was willing or the help of this unknown voice… of course not. Pride that it was him and him alone that accomplishes things without all the little people along the way.

    Everyone needs a little pride and greed to have ambition or drive;  the key is to know the line and teeter not fall.

    Hope you all enjoyed the 7 sins, 7 stories, 7 days challenge for flash fiction.

    Let’s give one last shout out to LadyAntimony whom is responsible for this wonderful challenge, thank you. 

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    Stay tuned next month for the 7 virtues, 7 stories, 7 days challenge to delve into the other spectrum.




  • Bryce Daniels 11:52 pm on July 13, 2011 | # | Reply

    I haven’t joined BookCountry yet, but you have me rethinking this omission. I am in love with this story, and Micha has me oh, so intrigued!

    Wanted to say it has been an absolute delight following your work this past week and meeting you through the challenge. I wish you the best in all your endeavors!

    “Torn” about saying ta-ta!

  • David A Ludwig 3:44 am on July 14, 2011 | # | Reply

    I said I’d read the rest when I had time! You don’t have to make me feel bad for being busy! Actually, that is mainly my reaction here is I really need to get back over to Book Country and finish reading what you’ve got up there before it grows again.
    Looking forward to the Virtues next.

  • Heather 1:14 pm on July 14, 2011 | # | Reply

    Micha sounds very interesting.

    And now I have to go look up the 7 virtues? Who knew there were that many?

    It’s been great reading your posts. Thanks for sharing with us.

    • glitterlady 4:43 pm on July 14, 2011 | # | Reply

      @bryce Aww well hopefully this isnt ta-ta for good. I do hope you will continue to stop by for Friday Flash and any feedback on my work is always appreciated 🙂
      @david Yes, and it will grow, am hoping to have the story completed by the end of summer, at least the first draft anyways. And maybe when it’s finally finished all the way through I can have you as my first editor?
      @heather, the challenge was fun and I was happy to read everyone’s stuff, thank you for your support and hopefully this wont be the final time I hear from you. Look forward to the next challenge.

      • David A Ludwig 5:20 pm on July 14, 2011 | #

        Wow, first draft done by the end of summer? How many chapters are you expecting by then? I might have my work cut out for me getting caught up before then. But I’d be happy to be a first editor.

  • Antimony 10:43 pm on July 14, 2011 | # | Reply

    Wow, I’m definitely signing up for BookCountry!

    I’ve loved doing this challenge, and it’s been brilliant meeting all of you guys!

    A x

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