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    Flash Fiction

    Deadly Seven

    Third day of the 7 sins, 7 stories, 7 days Flash fiction challenge and as such I have made this story of Greed in 3rd person.


    Ants. The cars and people below all look like bugs no bigger than her pinky. She could squash them all but only a few sacrifices are necessary. Removing a paper from her briefcase a smile turns wickedly at the corner of her mouth. Her eyes gloss over with determination as she fingers the floor plans of the office above her; tracing the lines with her nails. He’s been with the company for years but that hasn’t stopped her before. She turns around, excitement coursing through whole body, as he knocks at the door. They won’t even know he’s gone.

    (100 words exactly, including the title word: Greed)

    So we are almost half way through the seven sins, I had a bit of trouble thinking of what to write without going completely cliche and over the top with the idea premise of Greed. Hopefully it came across alright.

    Greed marks the end of the Sins of Excess. Too much of anything is a bad thing, always in moderate proportions.

    One glass of red wine is heart healthy, too much more is liver deadly. Or so I am told.

    Don’t forget to comment about your own Greed Flash Fiction experience or post your link to it!

    Aww, and to some of you slackers out there. You may be 300 words behind but I expect you to catch up pronto because I would hate to find out that you were the one that created the 8th deadly sin!

    Join in tomorrow for Sloth:

    Sneak Peak: “No point really, Darwin says they will eliminate themselves in due time.”

    Look forward to you joining me tomorrow. Dont forget to comment below with a link to your own challenge blog or perhaps your opinions on mine?

    What ever your fancy, really.

    ~Glitter Lady



  • Heather 1:41 am on July 10, 2011 | # | Reply

    Only a few sacrifices are necessary? Hmmm. A few too many, perhaps!

    See you tomorrow!

  • David A Ludwig 5:54 am on July 10, 2011 | # | Reply

    Huh? I’m afraid I’m a little confused here, or maybe the glossing eye thing just made me think lust and I was distracted. Why did she need a floor plan with his office if he was knocking at her door? Were people not going to miss him because he wasn’t going to be gone? How was she going to sacrifice the people on the street? I’m afraid I must just not get this one.
    Either way I did get a solid sense that she wanted something was was willing to go to any length to get whatever it was and think nothing of it.
    Oh! Wait! She’s a shapeshifter and she eats their bodies then takes their place in their offices and basically replaces her victims in their lives! Right?

    • David A Ludwig 6:18 am on July 10, 2011 | # | Reply

      Agh! And again I didn’t get everything in my first comment I wanted to mention. I have no idea why I’m having trouble getting my thoughts out on yours. Wanted to say that I love that you did all of the sins of excess first, that sort of grouping is very cool. Mine aren’t in as cool an order, mine are just the order I was able to think of examples in.

      • Rosie Lane 3:55 pm on July 10, 2011 | #

        I was thinking that it lends a whole new terror to the corner office, on the basis that she’s pushing people out of the windows to accelerate her progress in the company.

  • Bryce Daniels 2:05 am on July 11, 2011 | # | Reply

    I love the way you have divided up the sins….a lot of structure and planning in what you do. Fantastic!

    I’m not sure what this lady is up to, but I DO know it’s not good. This wants me to read more, so much more!

    Great job.

  • glitterlady 2:25 pm on July 11, 2011 | # | Reply

    @Heather, For some, there are never too many sacrifices… dun Dun DUN!

    @David, The map of the office is her mapping out how she wants to re-arrange it for herself. The fact that she wants to have this map really be hers, standing in it and watching the rest of the world below look even more tiny in a higher office. The people below being ants is just a way of representing that she believes everyone is a potential sacrifice, they are all just ants she can squash on her journey.

    @Rosie, never thought of her pushing him out… for some reason I like the more messy blugdeoning to death with like a stapler or a paperweight. I know too messy if she wants to actually get the better office…

    @Bryce, I think I liked the way some people combined their sins to be a complete story or the same realm with different characters, but I am glad you like it. And yes she is up to no good!

  • Deadly Seven Challenge « glitter word 9:04 pm on October 18, 2011 | # | Reply

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