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    Fake Biography

    I know what you’re thinking, well no I don’t but it’s your chance to read my mind and find the 1 truth in my fake biography.

    It would have to be one of my favorite writing exercising to create a fake bio and add one thing that is true within it. Can you trick your friends?

    Fake Biographical note:

    Born by chance on the day of removal, Glitter Lady  has lived by the code of the stone ever since. Her youth went along the coast of one worlds shore to the other, a traveler of a grand design which is where the name of “Walking Water Sue” came into being. The rolling tides is where she grew and where she stays today from one lands end to another she’ll ride the waves away.

    Which thing in my biography is true?

    Try and make your own Fake Biography and then comment below to let me know, add the link! I would be happy to include other’s fake biographies on  my post and then Comment away to see if the readers can guess what is false and what is true?

    You can even do it the other way around and have all truth and one false for us to find the serpent in the bio.

    ~Glitter Lady


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