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    Deadly Seven Challenge

    Click me to join the challenge

    UPDATE 07/14: I have completed the 7 sins challenge check out my entries here:

    LustGluttonyGreedSlothWrathEnvy– Pride

    Flash Fiction has never been more challenging or MORE fun. Take a chance and join the wagon to write a 100 word flash fiction for seven days exemplifying the seven deadly sins.

    7 days, 7 stories, 7 sins starts on 7/7

    I know, seriously great timing, right? Of course it is my sweets.

    Hosted by @ladyantimony

    The #amwriting challenge commenses after the holidays, gather your pens, those stray papers, those smudged keyboards, and your aching fingers to garner some awesome seven deadly sin flash fiction from that brain of yours.

    Think you don’t have it in you to create awesome sauce? Think again, this isn’t about perfection, it’s about sins! It’s a challenge and a great writing exercise.

    Not signing up should be considered the 8th deadly sin! Do not be the person that invents a new sin!

    ~Glitter Lady

    Hope you are looking forward to my first ever Flash Fiction Frenzy!


    I am also challenging myself with the 7virtue challenge here starting on 8-7 :

    Not Familiar with the Seven Deadly Sins? Read on:

    deviant art by Blackeri

    LUST:  Excessive desires of a sexual nature.

    GLUTTONY: Excessive over consumption to the point of waste.

    GREED: Excessive desire in the pursuit of wealth or status.

    SLOTH: Failure to utilize one’s gifts or talents. Laziness, depression, ect.

    WRATH: Uncontrollable feelings of hatred or anger.

    ENVY: Resenting something/someone for having something/someone they perceive as lacking in to the point of wishing the other thing/person did not have it since they do not.

    PRIDE: More important than others, love of self. Doesn’t need anyone else or recognize anyone else as proficient in their life. They are better any anyone and everyone.

     The awesome pictures for each one are done by Blackeri at deviantart. She is a terrific digital artist! Totally check her out!


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